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$6.00 for Early Birds
$12.00 for 6 pack
$20.00 for 12 pack

Jackpot & Progressive are $2.00 each

Program (schedule of games):

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Cell phones and pagers must be turned off or silenced at all times during Bingo.

Courtesy must be shown toward SADSAC volunteers, Elks Lodge members, and other players. 

Cash only is accepted.  Sorry, no credit cards or checks.  All sales are final; no refunds or exchanges.

Individuals under age 14 are not allowed in the Bingo hall.

Individuals must be 16 years of age to play Bingo, and may volunteer with permission from parent or guardian.

Instant Bingo pull tabs will not be sold to anyone under the age of 18.  Valid photo ID required.

All participants are required to fill out an admission ticket to participate and to win.

Payouts are reduced according to the number of players in attendance as follows:  
for less than 50 players, payout is reduced by 45%,   
for 51-60 people, payout is reduced by 35%,  
for 61-70 people, payout is reduced by 25%,  
for 71-80 people, payout is reduced by 15%,  
for 81-90 people, payout is reduced by 5%. 
Payout is 100% with more than 90 players in attendance.

The number of players is determined at the beginning of Early Bird game 1..

No numbers are valid until they are called.

Regular Bingo is five in a row horizontally, diagonally, or vertically, four inside corners, four outside corners, or a postage stamp. 

You do NOT need the last number called for a winning Bingo. 

Please yell “BINGO” loudly and clearly so the caller can hear you if you win.  If we don’t hear you, we will continue to call numbers.

Players will be paid for only one Bingo per card.

Payout is limited to game currently being played.  Payout for subsequent game will NOT be paid until current game is closed.

Ink daubers are the only acceptable markers for Bingo cards. 

Bingo cards and pull tabs from other Bingo halls are not honored.

Bingo participants may not enter the bar or kitchen area without an Elks’ escort.

Seating is first come, first serve.  Those with disabilities may request reserved seating.

SADSAC reserves the right to add players to any table if necessary for large attendance.

No smoking inside the Bingo hall or rest rooms.

No alcoholic beverages.

Use of glue is not permitted.

Progressive Bingo payout shall never exceed $5,000.00.  Rollover will be $50 per session.

Please place all trash in bags/containers provided.

Bingo proceeds benefit SADSAC (Save A Dog Save A Cat), a non-profit animal rescue in Prince William County, VA.  www.sadsac.org  

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Please be patient with us, we are new at this.  We welcome constructive suggestions, and hope to add larger payouts and more games in the future.