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My Story

"Ollie Needs Is Love" - (pardon the pun!) Ollie is a gentle and friendly young kitty with lovely and unusual markings - he has one tabby "sleeve" in the front! He is approx 6 months old. His foster mom suspects he was dumped on her street (in addition to a kitten litter). It's likely that he was someone's pet as he is a very loving cat and is also litter box trained. Children may be overwhelming to him at first, however, he very much took to an 8 year old visitor and would not leave his side even with the short amount of time they were together. Ollie has been kept separate from other household pets so it's unknown how he will do with other cats or dogs. He is definitely a sweet cat who just wants to be loved and deserves a good home. Please email stacey.dove@aol.com for more info!

Adoption Process

Our fees generally range from $50.00 to $125.00 depending on the pet. Pets with more extensive vetting may be higher.