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My Story

 FRECKLES is an Australian cattle dog mix pup that was born the third week of April this year. She has received all of her puppy vaccines and has had a vet exam. Now she just needs a great home! Born in late April, Freckles is through the worst of teething and is ready for crate and house training. She’s friendly and playful, but as the last of her litter, she’s hanging close to her mom. So we’re looking for adopters who are gone no more than 4 hours or so at a time (e.g., a couple that works different hours or one of whom works from home/doesn’t work or has another relative living with them). Also, someone who has the time to take her to lots of new places to meet new people and experience different situations, to continue her socialization and help her grow into a confident adult. Having another well adjusted dog in the household would be extremely helpful, both as a role model and to decrease the chances of loneliness when Freckles’ adopters aren’t home. Our application is available online at www.savethestrays.org. If you have questions, email us at info@savethestrays.org. Adoption fee: $200.

Adoption Process

We are a home and foster care-based rescue, with no shelter facility or employees. Because our rescue dogs live in private homes, we ask those interested in adopting from us to complete our application as the first step in our process and only set up an appointment to meet the dog(s) in which they are interested after they are approved to adopt. Use our online application or email info@savethestrays.org to request an application.