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Sunrise Foundation, LTD. was started back in the 1960′s by a man and woman who came from England on the Queen Mary, Sam and Kitty Langdon.  It was incorporated and earned it’s designation as a 501C-3 charity back in 1972.

Sunrise Foundation’s mission is helping discarded, stray and unwanted dogs that need a second chance at finding a forever home.

We believe that there is a special place out there for all unwanted and abandoned dogs. We run a rescue group that strongly believes in spaying and neutering all dogs. All Sunrise Foundation dogs will be spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, de-wormed, health checked, have a fecal exam and are up to date on all vaccinations that are age appropriate.

Our dogs live in a home environment until they find their “forever home”. Please contact us, we can give you loads of information about the dogs in our care.

We are a small charity and absolutely committed to finding the best possible placement for each of our dogs. We require the completion of an adoption application and require at least one home visit before placing any dog. Placement of each dog is in our sole and absolute discretion. Because we are a small charity, we may limit the geographical area in which we will place a dog as we require at least one home visit. This geographical limitation will be in our sole and absolute discretion.

Dogs are social animals and love to be together.  If you are considering adopting two dogs, we can let you know who their buddy has been while they have been residing with us. 

A special thank you goes to BR Sports Photography for their photo contributions. www.brsportsphoto.com

Please include dogsindanger.com in your search for your next best friend!