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About The Long Dog Retreat Dachshund Rescue

The Long Dog Retreat Dachshund Rescue is a 501(c)3 rescue. Although we are incorporated in the state of Michigan, The Long Dog Retreat Dachshund Rescue and Retirement Home is a non-profit organization that works to rescue and re-home dachshunds nationwide with our focus being primarily the southeast and midwest. Our Retreat is located in southwestern lower Michigan. For more information, contact: kelly@thelongdogretreat.org.

The Long Dog Retreat Inc. Mission

1. Rescue/Re-Home/Foster/Sanctuary  The primary mission of The Long Dog Retreat Inc is to rescue,re-home, foster and provide end of life care for dachshund and dachshund mixes.
A.Rescue and Re-home dachshund and dachshund mixes.
B. Provide foster homes for dachshund and dachshund mixes.
C. Provide Long-Term Foster Care for deployed service members so they are able to keep their dachshunds.
D. Provide Foster Care for Dogs of Seniors who are temporarily hospitalized.
E. Recruit and support new foster homes.
F. Provide end of life care for doxies/doxie mixes that are too ill/severe behavior problems to be re-homed.

2. Education -Our secondary mission is to educate the community about the importance of spaying/neutering their pets, proper pet care, and vaccines.
A. Provide education and training material that covers the importance of spaying/neutering pets.
B. Provide education and training materials that covers the importance of proper pet care.
C. Provide education and training materials that covers the importance of vaccines and vet visits.
D. To educate seniors on the importance of including their pet in their will. (End of life planning)

3. Resource and Referral  Our third mission is to provide resources and referrals to the community about programs to help them care for their pets.
A. To serve as a referral for the community to find low cost services including: vaccines, spay neuter, vet care.
B. To operate a pet food bank that serves the local community to help people who are having difficulty paying for food in order that they can keep their pets.
Short Version:
The Long Dog Retreat Inc. mission is to rescue , transport and re-home dachshunds and to provide long term care for doxies that cannot be adopted. Our mission also includes educating and offering the community resources that will enable them to keep their pets.

Adoption Process

Our adoption applications can be filled out online at www.thelongdogretreat.org and then clicking on “Applications and Forms”.

Please complete this application in order to begin the adoption process. All applications must be approved prior to placement. It is very important that you answer all the questions honestly so that we can place a dog in your home that will become a permanent family member. Some dachshunds we rescue are great with kids, some are better with just adults. Some do well outside, others do not. Your honest answers will help us find a dog that is good for your circumstances. Please contact us via e-mail or call (269) 919-0844 and leave a message.

Please do not be intimidated by the application. It is long and thorough but it is because we are trying to find the best fit for the dogs. If you are gone for most of the day, for example, a puppy that requires a great deal of training may not be the best fit but a dog that is a little older and already house trained could be perfect for you.

Our adoption fees are much lower than what you would pay to a breeder or pet store and what is better is that our fees include the following;
Rabies vaccination
DHPPC annual booster shot
Heartworm Check
Heartworm Preventative
Spay / neuter
Micro-chipping (Transfer fees may apply)
Other medical treatment needed
All of the above will be taken care of prior to adoption. You should, however, still consider taking the dog to your veterinarian upon adoption.

We genuinely care about the welfare of all dachshunds; therefore, it is standard procedure to do a home check as part of the application process prior to placing a dachshund in a new home.

Adopting a rescued dog is sometimes quite different than bringing home a brand new puppy. Sometimes our rescued dogs come from great homes where they have received lots of TLC, but for one reason or another, the family cannot keep them. Sometimes the dog has been a stray for some time, been in a shelter, or not been in the best of homes. We do a temperament check on all of our rescue dogs, and will not adopt out an aggressive dog. There are some dogs that have what can best be described as personality quirks due to their history. We try to do our best to work through trust issues with the dogs rather than euthanize them. When you adopt a rescued dog, there will be a period of adjustment for both human and pet. Lots of understanding, quiet time, and bonding with one or two family members will help. We will be able to help you with specifics at the time of adoption, but do keep in mind that adopting a rescued dog can be challenging. We hope to hear from you soon and thank you for choosing adoption!

Adoption Fees

Standard Adoption Fee $250.00 (Dogs under 10 years old)

Puppy Adoption Fee $300.00 (Puppy is 8 weeks to 11 months old)

Senior Adoption Fee $150.00 (Dogs 10 years and older)

Special Need Adoption Fee $150.00 (This dog has a medical/emotional special need but can be any age.)

Prior Long Dog Retreat Adopter $200.00

Bonded Pair $375.00 (2 dogs under 10 years of age)

Senior Bonded Pair $275.00 (2 dogs under 10 years of age, or at least 1 of the pair over the age of 10 years)

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For financial information and our organizational chart, contact: Angela@thelongdogretreat.org

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