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photo of Leianaphoto of Leiana

Leiana came to LDR with her sister Moo. Her sister was adopted rather quickly, but Leiana waited at LDR for her furever home.Leiana suffered from diarrhea and an upset stomach off and on for months. In between bouts of her upset stomach this beautiful girl enjoyed being at the rescue with the other dogs. Only 8 years old, she enjoyed was affectionate and playful when she wasn’t feeling bad. Kelly and Joe took her to the vet several times for tests to find the cause of her upset stomach, but even with medication she still had stomach problems.

One day in March she laid down, dropped her head, and passed away. Her passing was unexpected and sudden and there was not time to get her to the vet. The vet believes that Leiana had a heart attack due to an electrolyte imbalance. We will miss this sweet girl, but we know she is now healthy and romping through fields. March 2015


photo of Mosesphoto of Moses

Moses was a sweet little old man who lived up to his name. Cast out because he was too old, Moses had to find a new home. This sweet guy was happy just to have a warm blanket, food in his tummy, and a pat on the head.  Moses got along with the other rescue dogs and hobbled along at his own little gait. It is amazing to think that anyone would willingly part with this sweet little companion.

When Moses got sick, Joe and Kelly rushed him to the hospital. Moses had every LDR Board Member praying all night and checking their smart phones for any updates. When it became clear the next morning that the internal bleeding from HGE was just too much to survive, Joe returned to the Vet’s office to cuddle Moses close as he prepared for that last journey. It is hard taking care of the elderly dogs, knowing that they don’t have long with us, but they each impart a little knowledge, a little wonder, and a little something special that makes the grief worthwhile. March 2015


photo of George the dachshundgeorge2

George and Fritz came to the Long Dog Retreat as litter mates. They were 14 years old and were to be adopted only as a bonded pair. Both were loving and happy little guys who enjoyed walking in the autumn leaves and getting tummy rubs. This autumn George started coughing and was taken to the vet for an exam. The exam showed a mass in his lungs that was cancer. For this reason, LDR decided to take George and Fritz off of the adoption list to let the brothers spend their time together until George passed. George got to move into the Big Bed and got extra TLC. Within a few weeks he started having seizures and we suspect that the cancer had metastasized to his brain. In February 2015 George left us for the Rainbow Bridge, leaving Fritz behind, but he also left us sweet memories of his time with us. I am sure that he is checking out all the fun places to play in the green fields of the Rainbow Bridge. February 2015

Lil Bits Landgraf

photo of Lil Bitphoto of Lil Bit and Roxie

Kelly flew out to Arizona and brought Miss Daisy and Lil Bit home from a cold, windy, desert shelter in Arizona. Cold, sick, and very thin, they were not sure that the two would even make it. Both needed medical care and Lil Bit had no teeth! But gradually, with good food, medical care and lots of love, both dogs relaxed and realized they were in good hands. And then they thrived as much as two elderly dachshunds can!

Lil Bit could be grouchy, but he could also be loving, funny, and a joy to be around. He loved to be held and even though he could sometimes be grouchy it was just too comical not to laugh. His food had to be soft because he had no teeth, but that didn’t affect his appetite! The poor little guy had no defenses left except his bark, which was a very deep bark for such a little old dog. Lil Bit was the oldest dog at The Long Dog Retreat (he was 15) when one morning he got sick very quickly and before they could get him to the Vet, he went to the Bridge right in Joe’s arms. It was unexpected, but he was with Dad and safe and warm. I know he is with Bella, Roxie and Spike and probably prancing around like a little puppy again. And you know what? I bet he has a full set of teeth again!  December 2014

Spike “Mike” Landgraf

photo of Spikephoto of Spike

Spike was a special sable long-haired dachshund who also came to the Landgrafs as a foster. As they got to know Spike, Kelly and Joe felt that Spike needed them; so Spike was a “Failed Foster”. Spike became the Pack Leader and was a pretty laid back dog, but he became like a LION if he thought anyone presented a threat to his Pack or his hoomans. He had some very special relationships in his life. He was very bonded to his Mom and Dad. Spike also shared a strong bond with Austin and Karli, and became very close to Roxie, Miss Daisy, and Lil Bit.  Spike also got married! Spike married Penelope (Po) Stern and loved his little wife very much. She really misses him.

When Spike started having quality of life issues from arthritis and some of the other problems he was having, he seemed to be able to tell Kelly and Joe that he was ready to make the trip to the Rainbow Bridge. I am sure that Spike is still looking down over his family and friends from the Bridge, trying to protect them from them from above as he did on Earth. If they have Pack Leaders over the Rainbow Bride, I know that Spike has been made one of them and he is enjoying leading his Pack in green peaceful fields full of dog treats. May 2014

Roxanne “Noodle” Landgraf

photo of Roxiephoto of Roxie

Roxie was a smooth, black and tan dachshund who originally came to live with Kelly and Joe Landgraf as a foster. As she got to feeling better, Roxie revealed that she had both a sweet side and a feisty side to her. She may only have been about 7 or 8 pounds, but she packed a lot of personality into that little doxie body! She could be demanding with her Arf! Arf! Arf! and she could melt your heart when climbed into your lap to snuggle and fell asleep. She found a sister she could tell secrets to in Karli, a big brother to hang with in Austin, and a protector and Pack Leader in Spike. Of course the inevitable happened and Roxie was a “Failed Foster”.  

Roxie’s years with the Landgraf’s were happy and adventurous ones! She starred in movies,  she got to go on cross country trips, she attended the very first Doxie Happenings Wienerpalooza in Florida, and she even got to go to Obedience school with her puppy buddy Cricket! Maybe even best of all, she got to see her Dad get promoted to Major in the United States Marine Corps! How many Dachshunds have done that?  March 2014