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Happy Tails!!

Success Stories from The Long Dog Retreat Dachshund Rescue!


photo of Buddy and new family

Pictured are (Left to Right) Diva Dolly, Stephanie, her Mom Gayle Bud Clark, Buddy (Harley), and Stephanie’s husband Jorge.


Buddy (formerly Harley) was rescued from Craigslist in October 2014 by Kelly Landgraf & Stephanie Castillo, both board members with The Long Dog Retreat. Buddy had a rough start in life and was bounced around a lot. His last owner was very loving and good to him but circumstances beyond her control just simply prevented her from keeping him. He made the trip from Chicago up to The Long Dog Retreat headquarters in Michigan where he stayed with the Landgraf’s for a short time. Stephanie wanted to help out (and kind of fell for Buddy from the start) so she fostered him while he recovered from his neutering. By this time, the whole family was crazy about Buddy and his adoption was official Christmas day 2014. Buddy is living the charmed life with mom Stephanie, dad Jorge, Grandma Gayle & his pretty doxie sister Diva Dolly.

photo of Oscar and his new family
Pictured left to right are Sammy, George Pezzo, Lynne Pezzo, and Oscar.


We were very fortunate to have a family that adopted one of our earlier fosters come back to adopt a little brother for Sammy! You may remember that Sammy was a legally blind and very sweet piebald foster that was adopted by the Pezzo’s last year. When the Pezzo’s saw that we had cute little Oscar needing a home this fall, they decided that Sammy needed a brother and adopted him too! We were thrilled to get to see Sammy again and we were very happy for Oscar to be adopted into such a great family like the Pezzo’s.

Oscar has settled in and is enjoying life in his new furever home. We know they love him and will take very good care of him. In this special story we had not one happy tail but TWO happy tails as Oscar and Sammy are now brothers!

 photo of Angie Palmer and Killy

Pictured left to right are Angie Palmer and Killy

photo of Killy

Angie Palmer tells us in her own words below how happy the Palmer family is with Killy


Meet Killy, formally known as Achilles, who we adopted from The Long Dog Retreat. I first heard about him from Denise Bilquin, now known as Aunty Denise. We had been chatting about how much I love the piebald dachshunds every time I see one. Denise informed soon after that The Long Dog had taken in a piebald and he was being fostered by Linda Alkema. I talked to my husband and we both agreed we wanted to apply for this little guy. We filled out the application and started praying he would be ours.

I got in touch with Linda and started talking to her about Killy. We chatted through Face Book daily asking questions about Killy from everything including his temperament to what kind of food we would be feeding him. I found out a couple weeks later we had the honor of getting approved to adopt sweet Killy. He was coming from Michigan and we live in Virginia. it worked out that Linda was going to Ohio, so a transport was arranged from Ohio to Virginia. Linda’s friend Jill graciously agreed to bring our boy to us, his furever home. We picked him up on November 10th from Jill and he was so scared at first, he wouldn’t leave his crate. He finally warmed up to us and my husband was able to hold him. We drove the 22 miles back to our house, thankful that Dave was off the next day for Veteran’s day.

We thought that the transition might be difficult into our pack, but it wasn’t at all! It was AMAZING, he fit in like he had been here forever!! He got along with all of our dogs and we soon realized that there wasn’t going to be a transition at all! He is so sweet, smart and very loveable. He has become a Mama’s boy and we are so in love with him. I don’t think we could have ever found a sweeter dog. He is now in his furever home where he is cherished as part of our family. Thank you to everyone at The Long Dog Retreat and Dachshund Rescue for rescuing these wonderful dogs and bringing them together with their furever homes!

 photo of Leo


Deana Gregoire and her family adopted Leo (Dolly’s pup) who is now 7 months old. Deana says that Leo is growing like a weed, which is kind of appropriate since his original name at the Long Dog Retreat was Dandelion! Although he is only a puppy, Leo knows when Deana isn’t feeling well and sticks close and covers her in kisses. He has also made friends with the family kitten, Luna, and the two enjoy chasing each other, cleaning each other’s ears, and cuddling together.

Of course Leo is a dachshund and a dachshund puppy at that, so several stuffed toys have been ‘deaded’ and shredded, underwear has been joyfully destroyed, interesting things in the cat litter box have been eaten, and anything left on the floor or coffee table is considered Leo’s by default. Deana says that Leo is working on his potty training skills and that ALL toys NOT destroyed are brought to bed every night. But she says the family considers themselves truly blessed and that they would not give him up for the world. Leo sounds like he has found his furever home and is a very lucky pup!

photo of Leo the dachshund and a cat

 photo of Dolly


Dolly was adopted by Jodi Parmenter in the fall of 2014. Jodi says that she just loves her little sweetheart! Dolly is settling into her new furever home and sleeps with her new Mom every night. She loves to snuggle and sit on Jodi’s lap whenever she can. Dolly’s new fur sister, Bailey, is still getting used to her and Dolly is working on her potty training skills, but they are working on these issues together. Jodi says that she and Dolly have bonded very well. She says that Dolly is a very sweet girl and we thought so too! Just look at that face!