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Title: "Merry" is looking for a foster family in SF Bay Area ...
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Merry is a sweet, intelligent, and gracious 3 year old, female, spayed, Persian Hound mix dog. She has beautiful markings and soulful eyes that express a depth of life that we will never know the full extent. She has had at least 3 breaks in her legs, but has healed remarkably well and is a true survivor. When she walks, she has a slight limp that over time is barely noticeable, and she runs like a deer. . Sometimes after a long walk it can appear more exaggerated. She is taking glucosamin for joint health. Merry loves to go for walks and generally prefers a more casual pace and loves to stop and "smell the roses". Merry loves people; all people, including children. She loves it when guests come over. She is remarkably observant and often seems to know and understand things that aren't spoken. She loves to sit or lay down next to you and has very watchful eyes although is not needy. She is completely toilet trained and communicates her needs. She must be on a leash at all times when out because she can be unpredictable with dogs she doesn't know. She does well with dogs that she lives with and plays joyfully with them, but can and has demonstrated aggressive behavior with dogs that are outsiders. Merry would do best in an active home where her family is happy to exercise her daily on-leash and continue to work on her recall (come) and provide her with mentally stimulating games and exercises. If you're interested in fostering Merry, Please email us: kfravon@yahoo.com or call us: 1.408.431.6954
Miss Merry's story when she was first rescued by Iran's Vafa Animal Shelter: https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=477321788521

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