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Basic Information About This Opportunity

Title: Pet Taxi Service
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We help pet cats and dogs in low-income households get spayed/neutered. Sometimes the people we help do not have a car to drive their pet to the vet clinic. We use volunteers as "pet taxi service" to transport the pet (cat or dog). Usually the pet needs to be at the vet by 8am and be picked up around 5pm the same day. If you have a reliable car, you can sign up to be on our list of folks we call to help with transport. Usually transport help is needed less than once a month so not a major commitment but important that you show up on time and do not cancel.

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Before you can help out with this opportunity, you'll need to sign up as a volunteer. Once you've done that, you'll be able to contact the rescue group and express your interest helping out with this opportunity. You'll also be able to create a volunteer profile, which will let shelters and rescue groups in your area find volunteer opportunities that best match your skills and interests.

Volunteering is a great way to help pets in need and meet other caring humans like you!

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