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Basic Information About This Opportunity

Title: Foster Parent - cat/kitten
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Foster Parent(s):
****Our adult cats need temporary homes sometimes. Life inside PetSmart can get a bit hectic for them especially being there for months on end. If you have NO other pets preferably and would like to temporarily have a companion this would be perfect for you. ( we would consider maybe 1 - 2 small non-territorial pets.) You would be responsible for feeding, cleaning, grooming, play time, and human contact to help with socialization.

****Our kittens need full time attention. They have a very demanding scheduled and they are very time consuming. This would be great for someone who stays at home the majority of the day. You would be responsible for multiple daily feedings, cleaning, grooming, play time, socialization with human contact and socialization with other litter mates as well.

You must be 18 years or older to apply for this position. You must have reliable personal transportation readily available.
All foster parents need to have the approval of landlords if renting prior to receiving any animals.
Foster animals remain the property of Sunshine Rescue Group at all times.
Foster parent(s) may not release the animal for adoption or to another caretaker/foster parent for any reason without approval from director.

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