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Foster Home - Volunteer Opportunity Details

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Basic Information About This Opportunity

Title: Foster Home
Expiration date:


We desperately need foster homes!

Placement into Foster Care

Why Foster?

Foster homes provide many benefits to shelter animals. A foster network increases the capacity of the local shelters to care for incoming animals by freeing up cage space. The animals themselves are much happier and healthier when living in a foster home than at the shelter. Foster parents also increase the adoptability of their ward by learning all about the pet’s personality, which can lead to a better match.

Fostering a rescue animal is a wonderful, rewarding experience but can also be time consuming and hard work. Foster care is needed for sick and injured dogs, litters of puppies too young for adoption, and for any dog that simply needs to get out of the shelter.


The ideal foster care provider will have basic knowledge of animal care and training. As a foster parent, you will provide your animals with care including food, water, shelter, house training, grooming and trips to get medical treatment when necessary. No foster animal will be made live outside or be tied to any tie outs at any time.

You must be willing to:

- Crate train and Potty train.

- Feed, socialize, groom, and medicate animal if necessary, ensure the animal‘s safety, and respond to its needs.

- Isolate foster animal from your own companion animals when necessary.

- Ensure that your companion animals are current on vaccinations and spayed or neutered.

- Observe and report any problems with the animal to the Foster Care Coordinator.

- Maintain confidentiality regarding foster animal and their situations.

- Comply with Pitties And More Palace Rescue, Inc. (PAMPR, INC.) philosophies and policies and act as a PAMPR, INC. representative. Foster homes are considered an extension of PAMPR, INC. and are subject to possible inspection.

Foster animals must stay in the immediate care and residence of the Foster Care Provider. Leaving your foster animal in anyone else‘s care is prohibited, unless specific arrangements have been made with and approved by the PAMPR, INC. Foster Coordinator. If you are unable to care for a foster animal for the entire length of the foster agreement, notify the Foster Care Coordinator as soon as possible so that alternate arrangements can be made. Reasonable time must be allowed for alternate care to be acquired.


For our dogs and cats that have not been fully vetted, our foster homes cannot be any further than a 25 mile radius of Belleville, IL. Dogs and cats that are fully vetted can be fostered outside of 25 miles.


Fosters must maintain a healthy amount of communication with Foster Care Coordinator and this communication must be managed in a timely manner. Your Foster Care Coordinator will contact for several reasons. Please return all correspondence within 48 hours via phone or email.


Foster must have a reliable mode of transportation to transport animals to and from events, training classes, and to approved PAMPR, INC. veterinarian appointments.


Paperwork pertaining to your foster dog remains in the possession of the Foster Care Coordinator. If you are given paperwork after spay or neuter surgery or any other medical procedure, please inform the Foster Care Coordinator and make arrangements to get the paperwork to them.

Surgery & Medical Care

You are responsible for bringing your foster animal to a PAMPR, INC. partner veterinarian for any necessary medical attention, including spay/neuter surgery, vaccination boosters, or illnesses. Please contact your Foster Care Coordinator for any medical concerns you have. They will make the necessary medical appointments for you.

IMPORTANT: Any veterinary appointments outside of a PAMPR, INC. partner veterinarian are your financial responsibility. We will not reimburse for any medical care received at your own Vet or a non PAMPR, INC. medical provider.

Want to Help Out?

Before you can help out with this opportunity, you'll need to sign up as a volunteer. Once you've done that, you'll be able to contact the rescue group and express your interest helping out with this opportunity. You'll also be able to create a volunteer profile, which will let shelters and rescue groups in your area find volunteer opportunities that best match your skills and interests.

Volunteering is a great way to help pets in need and meet other caring humans like you!

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