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My Story

A Reason To Believe Animal Rescue, Inc.

  • Adopters please text us at 304-784-6678 and include your city/state
  • Rescues, please email us at artbar.wv@gmail.com
  • ARTBAR dogs are fostered in southwestern WV.
  • We only adopt to these states : southern/eastern PA, MD, northern NJ, and CT


Any questions you have about me are likely to be answered in the 10 paragraphs below. Keep reading! I can be transported to northeastern states.

Now available for direct adoption to residents of these areas:

Southern or eastern PA, NJ north of I-78, MD, and CT.

Adoption Application: http://form.jotform.us/form/52365486683164

Hi! My name is Raleigh Jean and I'm a middle-aged gal who's had a rough past. I'm over that now and I like living with people who actually care about and take care of their dogs, but this place is what's called a foster home. I want what they call a forever home. 

They call me something like "special needs" because I was hit by a car twice and have permanent damage. Who know all you had to do to be called special was get hit by a car more than once? I'm not sure any other dogs would want to be called special.

Anyway, I'm looking for a home with someone who has a doggie door to a fenced yard so I can have access to potty outside whenever I need to. That special part of me isn't always able to be controlled any more so I need the freedom to take care of business. One of my back legs doesn't work that well so most of the time I hop around on 3 legs, but I don't find that to be a big deal.

I'm gentle and low key for the most part. I've never really had a human of my very own and that's what I want most in life...to discover what it's like to just have my own human. It's nice here but honestly there's dogs coming and going all the time and it just feels like nothing's really permanent here. I've lived half my live with impermanence. I'm tired of being lost in the crowd here. Would you let me come live with you and show me what permanent feels like? Sigh. Will I ever have a chance at a forever human in this life?

Approx 8 years and 45 lb

Raleigh survived terrible owners, being hit by cars twice, several surgeries, and months in boarding until she'd healed enough to come home to foster. One leg is not very useful, but the vet was at least able to save the leg. She deserves the best family ever...are you that family?

I tested her with a cat outside that wasn't afraid of dogs and she didn't show any interest in the cat. I don't know if she would chase a cat that runs from dogs, but honestly she doesn't move that quickly so I doubt she could catch a cat these days. As far as other dogs, Raleigh is fine with males but acts dominant/bossy around females.

Raleigh is good with kids My niece and nephew visited. They are 8 and 13 but she did great and so did they. She's a sweet dog who deserves so much more than life has thrown at her so far. We're hoping someone can find it in their heart to give her a forever home.

Due to spinal cord damage, most of which has recovered, Raleigh is occasionally fecal incontinent. She is able to hold her urine. A doggie door to a fenced yard would be very helpful for her.

Adoption Application: https://form.jotform.us/form/52365486683164

Rescue Application: https://form.jotform.us/form/43615319121144
Rescues, we have transport to northeastern states.

Donate ONLY at http://www.artbar-wv.org/donate

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Adoption Process

Application, vet reference, home visit, meet-n-greet, adoption contract where you agree to return the dog to ARTBAR if you can't keep it, adoption fee $250. Transport fee $50 for all adopters who are more than 100 miles from Lenore WV. All dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and 4DX tested prior to adoption.