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Bingo! When we rescued Bingo he was the cutest little guy in the shelter with a limp.


X-rays showed Bingo had an old fracture of the right femur that healed incorrectly. Due to the severity of the injury they thought it would require amputation. 

Right leg fractured femurRight leg fractured femur

Thankfully there was good news….Our vet, Dr. Lim @ Kirkwood Animal Hospital, confirmed with a specialist, Dr. Raush, that Bingo’s leg could be repaired!  Bingo had surgery by the end of July.  16805436_10210983229488184_31408336_o16832820_10210983166046598_213767089_o-2

Bingo is a model patient and he is making a great recovery. A plate and a pin were inserted to repair his leg.  The plate will stay for the rest of his life, but the pin will be removed when his leg is fully healed.

Each month Bingo has gone back to the vet for an x-ray to ensure his leg is healing properly.

Over the past seven months Bingo is getting closer and closer to having his pin removed. He is such a trooper.


In the meantime, Bingo also had a small mass on his chest when we first rescued him.  16832934_10210983265129075_1653139619_o

It seemed insignificant at the time and we all agreed to monitor it. However, at his January check up it was discovered that the mass has grown significantly larger.  


Our vet recommends mass removal at the same time as the pin removal.  At the end of February the pin and mass will be removed.  We will have the mass biopsied to confirm it is not cancer.  

We received Funds from the San Jose Shelter’s Guardian Angel Program.  These donated funds paid for Bingo’s first surgery to repair his leg.  Your generous donations have paid for a portion of Bingo’s post operation treatments.  The quote for the mass removal and biopsy is just slightly over $600. We will need your help in order to raise these funds.  If you are able to donate for Bingo’s care we would greatly appreciate it.  

Please keep Bingo in your prayers. Bingo has been through so much while waiting for his forever home.    Please share Bingo’s story. We know there is someone out there who is looking to adopt this very special boy. 

Bingo will be in foster care until he heals from his second surgery.  Remember Bingo is super sweet, friendly and he is also good with dogs, cats and kids. 

Button nose Bingo is 6 years old and 8 lbs . Bingo is being fostered in the Santa Clara Area.


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