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VARR can do emergency capture/relocation in the Northern VA area, within 1 hour of 22192. 

We ask a $75 fee to cover our gas and time. Donations beyond that are appreciated when offered.
In order to qualify for our emergency capture, you MUST agree to these terms:
1) Be able to WATCH the snake until we arrive so we know where it is.
2) Do NOT attempt to harm or kill the snake.
3)  Be prepared to pay the emergency fee of $75. Fee can be paid in person (cash/check), Paypal, or with Visa/MC. See the link on the main page for donations in order to pay with Paypal. Please have the receipt to show that payment has been made when we arrive.

If you have seen snakes on your property and want a thorough inspection and removal of any snakes found, please call Snake Removal at 1-800-339-9470.

Please know that I am a teacher. I am not able to answer from 7 am-2:30 pm on school days. Other days you may call after 8 am. This is our home, please don’t call after 9 pm. If you do call after this time, and it is not a life-threatening emergency, do not expect me to be pleasant. There’s a reason I don’t put this phone number anywhere else on the website – please respect my wishes. 


This is not for calls regarding shelter animals. If you call regarding adoption or anything other than a reptile relocation issue, expect me to refer you back to this website.