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My Story

ADOPTION and FOSTER forms can be printed from our website: wrenyorkierescue.org PLEASE SUBMIT APPLICATION FORM before emailing. Soon after we receive your completed paperwork, we will chat and help you determine which dog[s] you and your family members want to interview at your home. We will schedule a convenient visit time [about an hour, sometimes longer] so the potential new family member[s] and you can relax and get to know each other. If all goes well, you can expect to begin your 'honeymoon' period. We will consider you a FOSTER during this period. After a few weeks, you will know if your routine and expectations match the dog's needs and requirements. If so, we will draw up an adoption contract for your new family member.

AUGUST 2017: Little Arthur is 10 years old and weighs 10#. His eyes do not see a great deal and his ears can't determine exactly where the sounds are coming from, but he is delightfully responsive to his human's voice, dancing around with joyfully wagging tail when spoken to. Content to snooze or putter around a securely fenced yard when he isn't dancing or eating, Arthur would be a wonderful companion for an elderly or single working person who wants a happy greeting upon entry at the end of the workday commute. Email us for a video of this little man

Adoption Process

Our adoption fee is $400/adult dog, $650/puppy (sometimes adjustable on an individual basis); payable in installments if necessary--checks for the full amount must be given before a dog can be placed with you.

Steps: 1. read the dog's "back story" carefully to determine which pet might be a good fit for your situation and expectations. 2. send an EMAIL to WrenYorkieRescue@aol.com & include your COMPLETE CONTACT INFO: Phone, address, City & Zipcode or visit www.wrenyorkierescue.org to print your forms; 3. Read carefully, complete and return all sections of the application; 3. Allow us time to contact the people you have listed as references who know you as a pet guardian. 4. We will call to clarify understanding of responses and give you the opportunity ask additional questions; 5. A visit to your home will be scheduled to meet you and all people who will potentially be involved in the dog's daily life at your location, and to observe the dog's reactions to those people and your space as well as dog/human interaction and "chemistry".

If all seems right, the full adoption fee will be collected and you will be given an Adoption Contract & asked to initial each numbered section to indicate having read & understood. Rescue will take back the dog at any time during the next 30 days if it is discovered not to be the right match, and all but $25 of your adoption fee will be returned. Rescue will also take back a dog after 30 days, but without a refund.

You must be able to meet the dog's medical, physical and emotional needs, and agree to return the dog to a Rescue- NOT a shelter-if at any time your circumstances alter and you are no longer able to care for the dog. This Rescue will come to collect the dog if you are unable to bring it yourself, and we MUST be notified if the dog changes owners or residence. Call or text 510-610-0291 or email wrenyorkierescue@aol.com