Pacific Coast Dog Rescue

A Burbank, CA 91502 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats.

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Cute Rocco

Male, Young
English Bulldog / Pit Bull Terrier

Toby & Leia

Male, Young, Bonded Pair
Labrador Retriever / Boxer

Leia & Toby

Female, Young, Bonded Pair
Boxer / Labrador Retriever

Parker & Poppy

Male, Young, Bonded Pair
Spaniel (Unknown Type) / Rat Terrier

Poppy & Parker

Female, Young, Bonded Pair
Rat Terrier / Spaniel (Unknown Type)

Handsome Capone

Male, Young
Mastiff / Pit Bull Terrier

Peanut & Felix

Female, Young
Australian Cattle Dog / Border Collie

Sweet Heidi

Female, Young
Border Collie / Jack Russell Terrier

Handsome Dobie

Male, Senior
German Shepherd Dog / Greyhound

Sweet Brady

Male, Adult
American Staffordshire Terrier / Pointer

Handsome Coffee

Male, Senior
Labrador Retriever / Boxer

Handsome Donut

Male, Senior
Dogo Argentino / Great Dane

Sweet Marley

Male, Senior
Australian Cattle Dog / Shepherd (Unknown Type)


Male, Adult
Mastiff / American Staffordshire Terrier

Handsome Jackson

Male, Adult
American Staffordshire Terrier / Australian Shepherd

Lovely Nello

Male, Adult
Rhodesian Ridgeback / Basset Hound

Pretty Chloe

Female, Young
Labrador Retriever / Shepherd (Unknown Type)


Male, Adult
Great Dane / American Staffordshire Terrier

Sweet Bentley

Female, Senior
Rat Terrier / Chihuahua

Good-looking Lucas

Male, Adult
Labrador Retriever / American Staffordshire Terrier

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Areas Pacific Coast Dog Rescue Serves

Los Angeles and Orange County

Pacific Coast Dog Rescue's Adoption Process

The first step of our adoption process is submitting an application. Once this is received, then we will give you a call to talk to you about the dog(s) you may be interested in and any questions you may have.

Filling this out helps us get to know more about you, and what kind of dog will be best for your situation!

You will find our adoption application on our website:

PLEASE NOTE: We only adopt dogs to homes in the Southern California area. If you live somewhere other than Southern California, we encourage you to contact rescue groups in your local area.

About Pacific Coast Dog Rescue

Our licensed kennel facility is located in Burbank. and is always at capacity due to the high number of unwanted dogs and the limited number of great homes.
The dogs at Pacific Coast Dog Rescue have many stories to tell. They were abandoned on the streets, dumped at the local government shelters, tied up in backyards and left to die, given to us by Animal Control as former cruelty case evidence dogs, the list goes on. Even with proper socialization and training at our facility, it sometimes, takes the dogs a long time to "wake up" and enjoy life again.
Our staff has dedicated their love, time and efforts to create the best environment possible for each dog, so that the dogs are ready for you, to give them a loving, permanent home.
We are one of the few rescue organizations, who have an experienced dog trainer on site, our founder David Roe. Please visit our training website at
Despite increased spay/neuter efforts through government and private programs, dog and cat overpopulation causes 6 - 8 million companion animals to be killed in government shelters EVERY YEAR in the United States. Of this figure, more than 25% are purebred animals.
So far, we have saved over 2000 dogs but we need your support.
It often takes months and even years to place a dog into an appropriate home, which means, that we incur high costs for the care of the dogs.
Even if you are not in the position to adopt a dog right now, you can help us in many ways: You can make a monetary tax-deductible donation to help us with our extremely high vet bills and the basic care such as food, living quarters and bedding for our dogs. You are welcome to drop off blankets, toys and treats. Please look on our website under "Ways To Help" for more options to be of assistance.
Pacific Coast dog Rescue strives to ensure, the most careful and appropriate placement for our dogs into loving homes. The adoption donation for all of our dogs is $350. All dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped prior to adoption. Many have received professional training before placement.
Through a careful screening process, we make the best possible choice for our dogs to place them with compassionate individuals and families. We often take a bit longer than other rescues organization to place our dogs but we also have very few returns. We do, however always take our dogs back (even years later), if the adopter can't keep the dog.
Pacific Coast Dog Rescue offers a life-long commitment to our dogs and adopters and we are always there to answer any questions and offer training advice/help.
If you have found a dog, or have a dog that needs a new home, please check our Outreach Program.

Come Meet Pacific Coast Dog Rescue's Pets

We typically show our dogs to potential adopters after receiving the online adoption application. We show dogs 7 days a week by appointment at our facility in Burbank.

Make a donation to Pacific Coast Dog Rescue to help homeless pets find homes