Pita & Pecan's Animal Refuge

A Warrior, AL 35180 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals, birds, farm-type animals.


Pets at Pita & Pecan's Animal Refuge

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Female, Puppy
Cattle Dog / Labrador Retriever


Female, Puppy
Cattle Dog / Labrador Retriever


Female, Adult
German Shepherd Dog


Male, Adult, Special Needs
German Shorthaired Pointer / Cattle Dog


Female, Young
Bulldog / Cattle Dog

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Areas Pita & Pecan's Animal Refuge Serves

Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi

Pita & Pecan's Animal Refuge's Adoption Process

1. Submit Application

After initial inquiry and contact is made, an application will be emailed to you from a member of our staff.

2. Interview

Method of communication for interview is dictated by potential family location. A home check may be requested if you are local.

3. Approve Application

Once you are approved, delivery of your new four legged family member will be arranged and transportation scheduled if necessary.

4. Take the Pet Home

This is the day you take your baby home! Adoption fee due at this time (add'l transport fees require a deposit prior to delivery).

All applications are considered on a first come, first approved basis. If a pending application has not been approved, it will be processed completely before another possible home is considered. Also, we require veterinarian info and a release for us to speak with your local vet to verify that your other pets (if applicable) are up to date on vaccinations and in generally good health.

About Pita & Pecan's Animal Refuge

Pita & Pecan’s Animal Refuge is a veteran owned and operated 501(c)3 nonprofit animal rescue and sanctuary in Hayden, Alabama. We operate in and around Blount County, Alabama and surrounding areas. We accept cats, dogs, birds, and small farm animals - really anything we can properly house because we love them all! Pita & Pecan’s was founded and continues to be operated by Kimberly Thrasher (a disabled veteran) and Allye Combs (a vet tech). Our dream goal is to have a fully functional, free roam (when allowed) facility to house any animal we can help. We rescue, evaluate, treat and house any animal we can house that needs us in our local area. All new intakes are placed on a quarantine and evaluation period. Once each animal has received its’ required age appropriate vaccinations, has been spay/neutered, receives a good general health check and receives their rabies vaccine and certificate; we adopt them both locally and north of Alabama in order to provide them with the best possible furever home. We do this because our animals have always helped us and this is our opportunity to return the favor! However, we can do this without YOU! Our volunteers, PPAR families who have already adopted from us, and our supporters through social media, events, and word of mouth are the best ever. We’re very grateful for ALL of you!

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