Michigan Coonhound Rescue

A Detroit, MI 48219 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats.

Vikki Sebok

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Areas Michigan Coonhound Rescue Serves

All of Michigan and as room permits, we do take dogs from out of state.

Michigan Coonhound Rescue's Adoption Process

We require a completed application, to find the best possible match for our dogs. Veterinary and personal references are required and contacted.

We require you visit the dog in thier foster home first, then we will bring the dog to your home for a visit. If the adoption is approved by you and the pet, you will pick up your new family member from his/her foster home. We do this so we are not sending our foster babies into strange homes with strangers. By the time you pick up your new pet he/she is so excited to see you, it's a great way to start a relationship.

We do consider out-of-state adoptions, but you must travel to the pet's foster home. No exceptions. We will not ship our dogs. When you adopt a dog from us, you are making a commitment for the next 12-15 years, we don't believe that decision should be made based on a photo.

Most dogs require an adoption fee of $250-$300. This is a tax deductible donation which will be used to help provide medical care for our next foster dog.

Please remember, we are here to take care of our foster dogs. We try to pick the best possible family match for that dog. Most have had a terrible start to thier lives, we want to make sure they all have a "Happy Ever After."

About Michigan Coonhound Rescue

Michigan Coonhound Rescue was officially incorporated in 1998. We started rescuing dogs about 20 years ago, and decided to focus exclusively on the Coonhound varieties in 1990. We are Federal Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.


Michigan Coonhound Rescue is dedicated to the rescue and placement of Coonhounds in permanent family homes. We work with the Treeing Walker, Redbone, Bluetick and English varieties. We make a lifetime commitment to the dogs we rescue.


• Physical Rescue. This includes providing foster care, temperament evaluation, medical treatment, spay or neuter, and basic training to abandoned, stray and abused coonhounds, in order to find permanent family homes for them.

• Foster Homes are provided by Rescue volunteers. They provide loving homes until a permanent home can be found. We are always in need of good Foster Homes around the country. Foster families housebreak, crate train, socialize and start basic obedience training for the fostered coonhounds.

• Medical Treatment. When a coonhound is accepted into Rescue, a veterinarian immediately evaluates it. All dogs are vaccinated, heartworm checked, spayed or neutered and given any other medical treatment as necessary.

• Placement Services. We maintain a National Listing of coonhounds available to homes and a list of persons seeking coonhounds. These lists are updated and checked daily for possible matches.

• Education. Members of Michigan Coonhound Rescue are always available to provide help and assistance to coonhound owners. While we do not always have room in a foster home, we can provide advice on finding a home for a coonhound. We are happy to advise on nutrition, health care, behavior problems and other needs.

• To Promote Coonhounds as Pets and Companions. We also provide public education regarding coonhounds as pets. While coonhounds are not for everyone, these true American breeds, make wonderful pets and companions.

How we do it

We are a small all volunteer organization and receive no public funding. We work strictly from the generous donations from caring people like you.

Our dogs are all cared for in private homes by volunteers. We are always in need of foster homes.

We are hoping to find a permanent home for our rescue and really need a grant writer. If you or someone you know has the time and skill to help us out, we'd be thrilled!

Come Meet Michigan Coonhound Rescue's Pets

We do occasionally show our pets, but prefer private family meetings. You can email us for information on our next adoption event.