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A PO Box 100, Harbor City, CA 90710 rescue helping to find loving homes for Dogs, Cats.


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Female, Puppy
Labrador Retriever


Male, Puppy
Golden Retriever


Male, Puppy
Labrador Retriever


Female, Puppy
Labrador Retriever / Cattle Dog


Female, Puppy
Labrador Retriever


Female, Puppy
Labrador Retriever


Female, Puppy


Female, Adult
American Bulldog / Boxer


Male, Puppy
Maltese / Chihuahua


Male, Young
Domestic Shorthair

Roscoe 1/19/19

Male, Puppy
German Shepherd Dog / Labrador Retriever

Sassy & Terra

Female, Adult


Female, Young


Female, Kitten
Domestic Shorthair

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Areas Animals Rescued Serves

Torrance, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Orange County, Santa Barbara, Malibu, Montrose, Glendale, West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Westwood, Lomita, Rancho Palos Verdes, Huntington Beach, Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Burbank,

Animals Rescued's Adoption Process

Application, Home Check, Fee (around 300-650) [because it generally costs us about 500 to bail a dog from a shelter, take it to a vet, clean it up and foster and care for it until it finds a permanent home], and finally the Contract.

If you have questions about the fee... watch the HBO movie called DEALING DOGS. It shows how people STEAL dogs and sell them to a Class B Dealer who in turn sells them to schools and labs for horrific experiments.

Experimenting on animals was once necessary but Doctors have told me that it is no longer needed because our medicine is at a microscopic level and beyond... that it is just wasted. In another documentary I heard Doctors saying when they were in Med School animal testing was a joke because it was like just doing it because it was on the curriculum, rather than getting any real educational value from it.

Also see information and trailers about our movie about a girl who rescues animals FREE to a Good

About Animals Rescued

We rescue because we have to. If you walk into a shelter you will know why. click link above at and find the animals rescued link - to see our recent rescue stories. Or the AdoptAPet link to see our adoptable pets.

Come Meet Animals Rescued's Pets

Varies. Please contact us for days and times. As we do not always attend adoption events.

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