Friends of the Friendless Animal Rescue Group

A PO Box 411, Lexington, MO 64067 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats.


Pets at Friends of the Friendless Animal Rescue Group

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Male, Young
American Bulldog


Female, Kitten
Domestic Shorthair


Male, Young, Special Needs
Domestic Shorthair


Female, Young
Domestic Shorthair


Female, Young
American Pit Bull Terrier


Male, Young
Chesapeake Bay Retriever


Female, Young
Mixed Breed (Medium)


Female, Adult
Pit Bull Terrier


Male, Kitten
Domestic Shorthair


Male, Young
Boxer / Mixed Breed (Medium)

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Areas Friends of the Friendless Animal Rescue Group Serves

Lexington, MO and the surrounding areas, including Higginsville, Richmond, Waverly, Dover, Mayview, Odessa, Concordia, Independence, Blue Springs, Oak Grove, etc.

Friends of the Friendless Animal Rescue Group's Adoption Process

We charge $125 for adult dogs, $150 for puppies, and $50 for cats. This covers the fees for spay/neuter and vaccinations that we have provided. We are a charity organization and make no money by charging adoption fees. We actually lose money by charging such a low fee as it does not cover the extra veterinary expenses for treatment and prevention of common pet needs.

We ask a few basic questions to determine if you are a good match for our animal. It is our right to refuse adopting out an animal if it determined he/she will be adopted by an individual(s) who cannot take care of him/her. We do ask that if one of our adopted animals needs to be given up at any time in the future, the owner brings him/her back to us instead of somewhere else. This is to ensure the animal's safety.

About Friends of the Friendless Animal Rescue Group

Friends of the Friendless Animal Rescue Group consists of a small group of devoted individuals who saves abandoned, lost, injured, and unwanted dogs and cats in our local community. We provide medical care and homes for these animals until they are adopted by loving families. As a nonprofit organization, we ensure all of our animals are vaccinated and spayed/neutered so do charge a fee for adoption. Our aim is to eliminate euthanasia and provide for the adoption of quality pets.

Our group has been in existence since 2001 and is a 501(c)(3) approved organization. We have a lot of animals to care for and get no help at all financially from our town, even though we work hand-in-hand with the animal shelter. If you have time to spare to help care for the animals, please let us know! If you have a fenced-in yard with no pets, I appeal to your good nature to be a foster parent for a dog (short-term or even for a few days on an emergency basis) or cat. We also need volunteers to help with bake sales and taking pictures for our Petfinders website. We need volunteers to help out with all sorts of tasks.

We need help with anything -- money for donations for insurmountable vet bills, people to walk dogs, play with cats/kittens, socialize them, anything. We would love to meet you and see you at our meetings! These animals are great and the nonmonetary payoff is fantastic!

Come Meet Friends of the Friendless Animal Rescue Group's Pets

Call us at 816 200 9571 to meet by appointment in order to view them at various times and locations around Lexington, MO. We are very flexible as to when people can see the animals. We also have adoption events held at local establishments.

Friends of the Friendless Animal Rescue Group's Adopted Pets

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Make a donation to Friends of the Friendless Animal Rescue Group to help homeless pets find homes