Last Chance Cat Sanctuary, Inc.

A 2113 Walter Road, Billings, MT 59105 shelter helping to find loving homes for cats.

Catherine or MaryAnn Schaeffer or Wegner

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Areas Last Chance Cat Sanctuary, Inc. Serves

Yellowstone; Musselshell; Carbon; Big Horn; Custer; Stillwater; Sweet Grass; Gallatin; all in Montana.
We have made successful adoptions to other states: Wyoming; Minnesota; and South Dakota

Last Chance Cat Sanctuary, Inc.'s Adoption Process

We require an Adoption Application to be completed, on which we ask for references such as Veterinarian, Landlord (if adopter is a renter), and other personal references. We require an Adoption Contract be signed and an Adoption Fee of $85.00 (currently) be paid at the time the adopted kitty is picked up and Contract is finalized. All cats available for adoption are spayed/neutered prior to adoption, all are current on vaccinations, all have been wormed, all have been veterinarian checked within 3 months of an adoption, and all are Microchipped. We use the 24PetWatch microchips and all adopted animals go to their new homes with a 30-day free health insurance certificate through Pet Health Insurance.
We prefer that potential adopters do make visits to the Sanctuary to visit the adoptable kitties personally and to interview with our staff in order to choose the "purrfect" kitty which will be suitable for their family and lifestyle. A required prior adoption home check may or may not be waived at the discretion of the Adoption Coordinator. We do the showings of adoptable kitties on a "By Appointment" basis so adopters must call and arrange the convenient time for visiting.
We do warn potential adopters to not to expect to take home a kitty the same day as a visit, as the above requirements must be completed.

About Last Chance Cat Sanctuary, Inc.

The Last Chance Cat Sanctuary, Inc. organized (1997) and Incorporated (1999) as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) humane organization. We set, and work towards, 3 major goals. These "ultimate" goals comprise our mission for all animals, but for cats in particular, and their guardians in our community and State. These goals are:
1. To establish and maintain a "Sanctuary" for abandoned, abused, and otherwise homeless cats that may be "un-adoptable" or un-adopted. Such Sanctuary to provide as "homelike" an enviornment as possible, where the cats may live out their lives in peace with responsible, loving care and treatment. The best possible, "forever" homes are sought for the adoptable and/or rehabilitated kitties.
2. To work towards a time when there are "No More Homeless Pets", and all animals are treated humanely, with reverence, respect, compassion and understanding.
3. To work towards a time when "euthanasia" is not considered for, or used for, purposes of "Animal Population Control".

The Sanctuary currently houses, maintains, cares for and loves approximately 110 kitties, of which approximately 45 are perfectly healthy, and adoptable. Their only short-coming (if cats can ever have one) is that they are not "kittens". The youngest kitties we have are 18 months old. The majority of the kitties range between 4 to 7 years of age. They still have many, many years of love and affection to give to a new "human" or family.
We do what we do for the kitties because we LOVE cats (we love all animals actually), and because in our State of Montana cats have been, and still are, at the bottom of the list with regards to responsible care. In fact, the majority of the Counties in Montana do not even consider the cat as a "companion animal" as far as legislation or "Animal Control" policies are concerned. We hope that it some small way we can combate these kinds of attitudes and help as many kitties as possible to find the kind of compassionate, loving and responsible homes they truely deserve.

Come Meet Last Chance Cat Sanctuary, Inc.'s Pets

The Sanctuary does kitty visitations on a "By Appointment" basis. If there is a particular kitty someone would like to meet, we ask that they please call us to arrange a convenient day and time to come visit. We do showcase kitties at the local PetsMart Store on a rotating basis with another group. So many times people can see what may be available at the Sanctuary by going to the PetsMart located at 2510 King Avenue West, Billings, MT. We do also have kitties listed on and on In the very near future (we hope) we will have our very own web site available to be able to direct people. (It is under design as we speak.) Please contact us at:
Last Chance Cat Sanctuary, Inc.
Catherine or MaryAnn
2113 Walter Road
Billings, Mt 59105
(406) 248-2388