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A springtown, TX 76082 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, rabbits, small animals, birds, horses, farm-type animals.

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We serve the entire USA,

2nd Chance Rottie and Small Animal Rescue's Adoption Process

Due to the increasing costs in supplies and Vet services our adoption fees have changed. Our donations vary between$175-to $225.Our fees may increase or decrease depending on each pets circumstance and some have sponsors to help with Vetting expenses. If our fees seem a lil higher than some shelters remember we are a rescue and our babies can be with us for months at a time and sometimes over a year. They are not put down to make space for others, and some babies are born here, and that means we are providing care for puppies and mothers for extended periods of time. Our contracts are here at the facility and are signed on day of adoption. We require copy of drivers licsense or photo ID. Puppies get quick exams n fecals ran before they leave n if meds are needed to reworm they go home with you along with instructions. Some of our adults may not get exams but do receive any testing and all preventatives they require. Everyone receives vaccinations n wormer as soon as they come in unless too young n they have to receive first round BEFORE they can leave. All new puppies also have 7 day quarantine to avoid missing symptoms of an illness.

About 2nd Chance Rottie and Small Animal Rescue

I have been in Rescue for over 20 years. My passion has always been Rottweilers and Shih-Tzus who would of guessed those 2 breeds together right. However we basically rescued Rotties only. Working in a Shelter for a short period of time opened my eyes to a much larger problem than the Rottweiliers so, we have extended out to help all of our Canine companions We pull elderly pets ,babies,sweethearts with skin conditions and lil Princes with attitudes that need a lil soothing touch..We work with our Shelters so they do not have to euthenize adoptable pets for space and we work with the general public so they have options other than dumping pets and abandoning them or being taken to the shelters because there situation has changed and there home may not be what is best for there pet any longer. Last but not least I have been around animals my whole life, and myself and my volunteers all want to do as much as we can to make sure these babies know love and companionship and loyalties they may not have had the chance to know in there previous situations. WE LOVE THEM ALL AND THEY DESERVE IT.

Come Meet 2nd Chance Rottie and Small Animal Rescue's Pets

Do visitations Tuesday thru Saturday by appts only.We are a small group compared to some but still receive very high volumes of calla and texts. Some of our Rescues available for adoption are in Foster homes located in different areas so appts are necessary.
We participate in adoption events at Tractor Supply and Pet Smarts on occasion.

2nd Chance Rottie and Small Animal Rescue's Adopted Pets

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