GreyHeart Greyhound Rescue and Adoption of Michigan

A Livonia, MI 48151 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs.

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Areas GreyHeart Greyhound Rescue and Adoption of Michigan Serves

Livonia, Michigan and all areas within a 50 mile radius.

GreyHeart Greyhound Rescue and Adoption of Michigan's Adoption Process

Adopting a greyhound is a lifetime commitment. The greyhound can be expected to live 12 to 14 years. To ensure the safety and health of the greyhound, the following "Adoption Requirements" must be complied with explicitly. Please do not consider adoption if you will not be able to meet this lifetime commitment or adhere to these requirements.
Please also consider financial responsibility in adopting a greyhound - this responsibility does not end with the Adoption Fee of $225.00. While greyhounds tend to be a pretty healthy breed, there are veterinary costs associated with caring for any dog.

GREYHEART's Adoption fee includes:
Spay or neuter, Teeth cleaning-extractions included, Heartworm test, Heartworm medication - 3 month's worth, plus 1 in the foster home, DHLPP vaccine, Lepto booster if needed, Corona-virus vaccine, Bordetella vaccine-if needed, Rabies vaccine, Flea and tick treatment - Frontline Top Spot, Fecal test and appropriate medication until negative results are obtained, Droncit - tapeworm medication - if needed, Collar, leash and muzzle and GREYHEART identification tag. Adopters must agree and be aware: of the importance of keeping their Greyhound on lead when not in an enclosed fenced area; that Greyhounds must live inside the home and cannot be kept in an outdoor kennel/dog house; that identification must be on their Greyhound at all times; that a Greyhound must NEVER be placed on a tie out chain. Being sight hounds and running up to 45 mph, this can literally break their necks; that if no fenced in yard is provided in their home, that their Greyhound must be leash walked no less than 4 times a day to relieve itself; to keep all necessary vaccines/tests current each year and will keep their Greyhound on heartworm preventative; that if for any reason they am unable to keep their Greyhound, they agree to return him/her to this adoption agency; that they certify that all information on the application is true and correct; that they release permission to contact the veterinarian/personal reference listed by them; to sign the contractual agreement.

About GreyHeart Greyhound Rescue and Adoption of Michigan

GreyHeart Greyhound Rescue
and Adoption of Michigan is devoted to the rescue and adoption of the retired racing greyhound. It is our
objective to place as many greyhounds as possible into responsible, loving homes and educate the public regarding the suffering and consequences of
greyhound racing.We are a registered, non profit
501(c)3 organization, supported only thru donations and fund raising efforts.

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