Faunadael Pet Rescue

A Duncan, BC V9L 6B1 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, small animals.

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Areas Faunadael Pet Rescue Serves

We are located in the Cowichan Valley, (on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada), approximately 1 hour north of downtown Victoria, or 45 minutes south of Nanaimo.

Any pets we have available for adoption are in foster homes, or, if we are assisting owners to rehome their pets, may still be living with their families waiting for their forever homes.

We do not have a shelter facility.
We do not ship pets.

Adopters must live in British Columbia.

Faunadael Pet Rescue's Adoption Process

If you want to adopt a pet from Faunadael Pet Rescue, you will need to fill out an application form to let us know more about you and the type of home you would provide for the pet.

Of course you will have to meet the pet, as sometimes the pet sounds great, but once you meet him/her, you discover (s)he's not exactly what you wanted. If you are interested in a dog, and have another dog, we will arrange for the two dogs to meet on neutral territory, such as a park or parking lot.

We will also do a "home check" which means we - or someone we know - will visit your home at a scheduled time to
1) ensure you are who you say you are(!) and that the information on your application form is true (unfortunately, people do lie), and
2) check where the animal will be living and possibly make suggestions or offer advice.

All adult pets go to their new homes on a "foster to adopt" contract. This means that you get to "try out" the pet for a set time period, to ensure the pet is a good match for your household. If you return a pet during this time period, your adoption donation will be returned to you (unless you'd prefer we keep it to help other animals in our care)! :-)

All of our foster cats and dogs are spayed/neutered (and usually tattooed), vaccinated including rabies, and microchipped.

Please note that we do not ship pets, and you do have to come here to meet them. Adopters must live in British Columbia.

Please visit our web site for more information, for the application forms, etc.

About Faunadael Pet Rescue

We are just north of Duncan on Vancouver Island, on the west coast of Canada. Faunadael [FAW-nah-dale] means "Animal Valley." We foster, train and adopt out pets, mostly large and medium-sized dogs. We don't have a kennel building; all the dogs live in our house as part of our family, or with other foster families in our area.

Pet rescue is not a business for us; we are all volunteers. Adoption fees and donations help to pay the vet and food bills, but as anyone with a pet knows, there are many costs involved in having an animal.

We are unable to foster pets surrendered by their owners. However, if you have a pet needing placement, we may be able to network to help him/her find a new home, or we can suggest another reputable rescue group who may take your pet.

Come Meet Faunadael Pet Rescue's Pets

Please note that our website is currently down as we are changing domains. We currently don't have any pets in foster care available for adoption.

Faunadael Pet Rescue's Adopted Pets

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