Bridgeport Animal Control Facilities

A 236 Evergreen Street, Bridgeport, CT 06606 shelter helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats.

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Areas Bridgeport Animal Control Facilities Serves

Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Bridgeport Animal Control Facilities's Adoption Process

To be considered, you MUST fill out an application.
Any application that is incomplete or contains false information will be disqualified.
Understand that an Animal Control Officer, by state law (State Statute 22-232),
is given the authority to adopt to whomever he or she sees fit.

Connecticut Residents: $50.00
*Includes an Animal Population Control Program Certificate.

Certificate is good towards:
One spay or neuter
Two vaccinations
*Certificate only good towards services mentioned above
(Note: certificate does not pay for all of services mentioned above,
only a certain amount.
The veterinarian may charge you additional fees for other services rendered.

Out-Of-State Adopters: $5.00
*This fee does not include the certificate.

Forms of Payment Accepted: CASH or CHECK (along with a picture ID)

Renters: Need a NOTARIZED STATEMENT from your landlord,
which clearly states that you are allowed to have a pet at your residence.
The statement must bear the Notary Seal in order to be valid.
You may also bring a copy of your lease as long as it also clearly states you may have a pet where you reside.

Homeowners: Need to show proof they own their home (i.e. tax bill, mortgage statement, title…).
If you are living with your parents or other family members that own the house,
they must accompany you to the shelter and bring their tax bill,
mortgage statement or title of the residence in question.

Applicants may call the day before the available date of the animal
applied for to check the status of such dog/cat.

About Bridgeport Animal Control Facilities

Jimmy Gonzalez

Assistant ACO's:
Mike Tubens
Eddie Mercado

Office Manager:
Melissa Kuian

Kennel Staff:
Ricardo Ayala
Rafael Velez
Jesus Ruiz

For those that do not know....and we have the answers!!

Did we move?
Yes! We did move to 236 Evergreen St. since June of this year. We no longer do business at 525 Asylum St. (So stop dropping off animals there!!)

No! we are a municipality so we feel that if there are animal owners that no longer can take care of their animals we would rather take them as owner releases, than put owners in a very tough situation where they are unsure what to do with their animal. We strongly feel that not taking in unwanted pets promotes abandonement. Since we have been located at this address we have not yet had to euthanize animals for space!

How many animal can we hold?
We can hold 80 dogs and 25 cats. We are the biggest "municipal" shelter in the state.

About how many animals do we take in?
Incredibly last year we almost took in 2000 animals for the 2007-2008 fiscal year.

Do we take in volunteers?
We currently do not. We are trying to get enough city employees on staff before we plan on getting volunteers.

Could we come to your school and speak to students?
OH Yeah! We love kids and we love coming out and speaking about the responsibilities of owning a pet and we also talk about the importance of dog and cat safety.
(We have actually gone out and spoken to seniors to.)

Do we take donations?
YES! Please click above on "DONATIONS"

How come when I call I don't get a person but an answering machine.
We strongly believe that citizens that take the time to come in take priority to those that call in and there is only "1" person at the other end of that phone and by now you should understand that we are the busiest shelter in the state. So our shelter continuosly has visitors from 10am to 3:30pm. On an average day we can have anywhere from 20 to 100 visitors. (On saturdays those numbers double) But if you decide to call please leave a message we do try to listen to all messages. Please listen to the answering machine. Almost 90% of the questions asked by phone are answered on our message and please DO NOT CALL US WITH EMERGENCIES!! CALL 576-7671!!!

Do we adopt many animals?
Thankfully YES! On average we adopt out anywhere from 1 to 15 animals in a day but sadly we take in 1 to 15 animals in a day!!

Do we only have Pitbulls?
We have many of them but we also do get in many purebreds that will sit here for weeks because people assume all we have is pits. Please note*** Before you write off all pits as bad dogs come in and let us convince you that they are not.

Come Meet Bridgeport Animal Control Facilities's Pets

Please feel free to contact us @

By phone 203-576-7727

By fax 203-576-8119

By email or

By car, suv, motorcycle, segway, scooter, or on foot we're located at 236 Evergreen St Bridgeport,CT 06606. We are off of North Avenue and River St.

Our Hours:
Mon-Fri 10:00-3:30
Closed for lunch 12:00-1:00
Closed Saturdays & Sundays

In case of emergency please contact

Bridgeport Animal Control Facilities's Adopted Pets

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