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A Brandon, MB R7A 0K9 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, rabbits.

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Areas Funds for Furry Friends Serves

Funds for Furry Friends is based in Brandon Manitoba, but has a foster home base which extends through Southwestern Manitoba. Our organization rescues animals from across Manitoba, and has extended services to help animals in neighboring provinces, states and beyond.

Information about the rescue can be found at:

From this page, you can link to information about our founder, and board of directors. Our financial information is posted on the website, as well as statistics regarding animal intakes! Check it out!

Funds for Furry Friends's Adoption Process

Our adoption process is detailed on our website at

About Funds for Furry Friends

Funds for Furry Friends started in 2001 when our founder, Shahna Rice took in a couple of Cocker Spaniels – Brooklyn and Armani. The pair found their way to Rice through another rescue organization she was volunteering with that was in overflow and did not have the space to take them. Rice took the dogs in on her own, vetted them and adopted them out to loving homes. This event marked the beginning of what has become one of the largest rescues in Manitoba.

Over the next year, Rice received more requests to take in dogs. As the need grew, friends and co-workers began to offer their homes as temporary placement for the dogs, beginning a chain of foster families for the dogs being taken in. Financed and operated by Rice, the rescue took in around 39 dogs over the next year. Rice purchased crates and supplies for the foster families to use, and even gave up family vacations to cover the expenses of surgeries and extended vet care needed for some of the rescue dogs. Rice was diagnosed with breast cancer and despite undergoing treatments, the rescue’s operation continued. By 2003, the rescue had grown substantially. Another 56 dogs were placed in new homes, and the volunteer base continued to grow.

In 2004, the rescue had grown to include a large base of volunteers. Still financed entirely by Rice, the rescue more than doubled the number of dogs, rescuing another 126 canines. The success of 2004 ended in tragedy, when Rice was diagnosed with terminal cancer near Christmas. The organization faced a possible end, just as it was on a spiral upwards.

As fate would have it, the rescue did not shut down. Rice was joined by D’Arcy Barker, Cheryl Yeadon and Dana Grove – and a board of directors was formed. In 2005, the rescue moved from being operated and funded by a single person, and became a nationally registered charity operated by a board of directors. The rescue was able to save another 80 dogs over the 2005 year, and began it’s first year fundraising to maintain the rescue’s operation.

In 2006 the rescue rolled forward, with a grand total of 206 dogs finding new homes through the rescue. This year marked the first “Fun Dog Day” - which would go on to become the rescue’s big annual fundraising event. Other fundraising efforts for the rescue began to emerge - many spearheaded by a couple of the rescue’s members at large - Teresa Truszynski and Christine Hearn. Over the next year, many members from the public stepped forth with donations of supplies, such as crates, pet food, treats, toys, collars and leashes… These things combined made it possible for the rescue to ultimately save more animals.

The rescue changed hands in 2007, when Rice stepped down from her role as president for health reasons (but has remained actively involved in the rescue.) Grove stepped up as rescue president, and Theresa VanHoof joined the board of directors. By this time, the foster home base had expanded to include over 60 homes in Brandon and surrounding communities. Another 177 dogs found loving homes through the rescue this year.

We are winding up 2008 and this year has been a year of ups and downs! This year we held our first annual "Caged for Critters" event, an event that placed upstanding members of the community in a cage to raise money for the rescue. To date a total of 196 dogs have moved into permanent homes with the help of Funds for Furry Friends and their volunteers. Year number 7 was a lucky one for many cats and dogs - but it was also a year of great sadness for the rescue. Our founder and friend, Shahna Rice, lost her battle with cancer on July 1st, 2008. She will be greatly missed.

We will be entering into our eighth year in 2009, and we hope this year will bring the good fortune associated with the number. Eight should be a great year! Eight is considered good luck in Chinese culture because it sounds like the word "prosper"... As we move forward into a new year, we will continue to prosper and see forever homes for cats and dogs in need...

Come Meet Funds for Furry Friends's Pets

Our adoptable pets can be viewed at:

Funds for Furry Friends is a registered charity run 100% by volunteers. We do not have a shelter building - all of our animals are cared for by foster families until they find a home. Foster homes are basically responsible for "babysitting" a cat or dog until a home becomes available. To view any of the cats or dogs in rescue, please contact us for the foster family's information!

(Note: Most of our dogs are in foster homes, but there are exceptions. Whether it be a dog facing euthanasia at our local city pound, or an emergency owner surrender situation – our rescue sometimes if forced to board during the interim. In addition, our rescue guarantees that each and every dog coming through our rescue can come back – it’s actually a requirement of our adoption that our animals are returned to us. Sometimes this results in a need to board dogs as well. Boarding is just a place for in between the intake and finding an available foster home for the dogs. )

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