Big Hearts and Wet Noses Animal Rescue

A Birmingham, AL 35234 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals, birds.

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Areas Big Hearts and Wet Noses Animal Rescue Serves

The Greater Birmingham,Al. Area

Big Hearts and Wet Noses Animal Rescue's Adoption Process

It’s a big step, but we will help you. First you’ll talk to one of our adoption counselors and complete a pre-adoption questionnaire and Adoption Application (adoption does not happen all in the same day). Then you’ll spend time with the pet in our Get-Acquainted area to see if you and the pet make an appropriate match.From here we will do a home check to make sure you have enough space and a safe environment for the animal you have chosen. If you are renting we will contact your landlord to make sure that the breed and size of the animal is allowed and ask if there is an animal fee that needs to be paid before bringing an animal into your home. If a fee is required to be paid we require that you pay it before the adoption process can go any farther. Once all of this is taken care of we will call you and have you come to Big Hearts and Wet Noses to fill out the Adoption contract, The spay / Neuter contract (only if the animal is too young to be spayed or neuter at the time of adoption). If the animal has not been spayed or neuter before the time of adoption we require that it be fixed at 6 months of age. You have 14 days after the surgery to send us the form that we will provide to you for the Vet to fill out. * It is NOT the vet's responsiblity to send us this form, It is yours. If for some reason you decide that you can't handle or do not want the animal you've adopted from us we do require that the animal be returned to Big Hearts and Wet Noses ONLY, you can not give the animal away to friends, family, spouse,etc. or sale the animal, It must be returned to us.

Now that the adoption process is over you and your new four legged ( some times three legged or two legged) family member can have a healthy happy life together filled with love and good times. Congrats you are now a proud owner of a Big Hearts and Wet Noses fur baby!

To adopt a pet, you must…

- Be at least 19 years old
- Provide current photo identification
- Have a verifiable address (If you rent, bring a copy of your lease agreement and your property manager’s telephone number at the time of adoption. We will verify that the species, breed and size of the animal you wish to adopt is allowed.)
-If you have small children, it is imperative they be present when you are selecting the pet that you wish to adopt.
-If you currently have a pet(s), please make sure that they are healthy and up-to-date on vaccines with your veterinarian. You must also bring a copy of your most recent vet records or have a contact number for your veterinarian.
-If you currently have a pet(s), you are encouraged to bring them in to interact with the pet you wish to adopt.
Adoption Costs & Benefits

Puppies (up to 9 months) $100- $350*
Dogs $100 - $350*
Kittens (up to 9 months) $75 to $200**
Cats $75 to $200**
Birds $75 - $300
(note: birds are housed at my mother's house in Opelika,Al.)
Rabbits $50
Ferrets $50
Guinea Pigs $20
Rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, etc. $10

*Cost includes first vaccinations, surgical sterilization (if the animal is 6 months and older), follow-up exam, Heart worm test, leash & collar.
**Cost includes first vaccinations, FeLV (feline leukemia) test, FIV test (6 months and older) surgical sterilization (6 months and older), follow-up veterinary exam, collar

Special Adoption Programs

Best Buddies

They may not be twins, but these animals go together like peas ‘n’ carrots. And we just can’t bear to see them separated! These pets have a special bond and must be adopted together and stay together. To make the deal even sweeter for potential adopters, Adopt the Best Buddies and get 50% off the adoption fee of a second.

Twice as Nice

They say two’s better than one. So it’s in this spirit that we offer our Twice as Nice program! Adopt one animal and get 50% off the adoption fee of a second (pets must get along; second adoption must take place within 30 days of the first).

ALS Program (Animals Love Seniors)

Qualifying adopters aged 60 and older can adopt a cat aged 2 years or older for $25 or a dog aged 2 years or older for a mere $25!

The Love Me Club

Ever get picked last or next-to-last to play in school games? That’s kind of how these fur babies feel. As members of The Love Me Club , these pets have been awaiting adoption longer than they should. So to help them find their forever home, we’ve reduced their adoption fee. (Dogs - $50; Cats $50; rabbits/ferrets - $25)

**Did you know that many wonderful dogs are overlooked at shelters across the nation every day simply because of the color of their fur? Black is the most common color of dog that you’ll find at any shelter or rescue. Most shelters & rescues find that black dogs, especially large ones, are often the most difficult to place into forever homes. As an adopter, you have the power to make a real difference in the life of a black shelter dog--a dog often slighted by other adopters in favor of a more colorful companion.

About Big Hearts and Wet Noses Animal Rescue

Our mission at Big Hearts and Wet Noses is to rescue, care for, treat, and adopt out as many abused and homeless animals as we possibly can while spreading the word about the horrible facts of animal abuse and all it's different forms. We thank you for your support and time.

We Are Located downtown Birmingham,Al.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." -Mahatama Gandhi

We are in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

If you would like more information about how to adopt a fur baby from us please email

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