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A P. O. Box 88, Harmony, NC 28634 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats.


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We're animal lovers making a difference! We advocate the humane treatment of God's creatures, and we encourage the spaying and neutering of ALL pets. Our volunteer organization is dedicated to improving the quality of life for animals in Iredell County, NC.

We offer educational programs open to the public and sponsor an Explorer's Post for high school students interested in animal-related careers. We also assist K-9 working dogs, Iredell Search & Rescue dogs, and the Feral Cat Society with donations of food, supplies and equipment. We are a North Carolina non-profit charity, and donations are tax-deductible.

Citizens for Animal Welfare's Adoption Process

We ask all potential adopters to fill out an application for adoption which is sent to them as soon as an inquiry is received. The application is reviewed and the applicant's vet reference is checked by phone. If the applicant does not have a good vet record, the application is denied. If the applicant is renting a home, we ask for his landlord's name and phone # and check to make certain the applicant is allowed to have a pet. If there are any concerns regarding the application, we bring them to the applicant's attention and ask for clarification. This is done before the applicant meets the pet. We then set up a meeting at a mutually convenient time and place. If the applicant wants the pet, we ask for a check made payable to CFAW at the time the applicant takes the pet (the fee for dogs is $175 and the fee for cats is $125). This check is held for 3 days during which the potential adopter can decide whether (or not) he wants to permanently adopt the pet. If he decides not to adopt and returns the pet to us, his check is returned at that time. There is also a Pet Adoption Contract which basically states that the adopter will take good care of the pet. This is signed by both parties.

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