Noah's Arks Rescue

A 4084 Spring Island, Okatie, SC 29929 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs.

Pets at Noah's Arks Rescue

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Female, Adult
Great Pyrenees / Labrador Retriever


Female, Young, Special Needs
Jack Russell Terrier / Chihuahua


Male, Adult
Pit Bull Terrier


Male, Young, Special Needs
American Bulldog


Male, Adult
Labrador Retriever


Female, Adult
Australian Cattle Dog / Pit Bull Terrier


Male, Adult, Special Needs
Rat Terrier


Male, Senior


Female, Adult, Special Needs
Pit Bull Terrier / Labrador Retriever


Male, Senior, Special Needs


Male, Adult, Special Needs
Pit Bull Terrier


Female, Young, Special Needs
Tibetan Mastiff


Male, Adult
Pit Bull Terrier


Male, Adult
Pit Bull Terrier


Female, Adult
American Pit Bull Terrier


Female, Adult
Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Female, Young
Pit Bull Terrier

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Areas Noah's Arks Rescue Serves

We are the last resort for abused and neglected animals and will bring them into our care from all over the United States. We are located in South Carolina and serve primarily the East Coast. We do, however, adopt out our animals in every state if it is deemed the right match.


Noah's Arks Rescue's Adoption Process

We require an application, home check and adoption fee. References will be checked thoroughly. Once the references check out, we will schedule a home visit and meet-and-greet with the animal that you would like to adopt. We do adopt out of state and can assist with transport arrangements.


About Noah's Arks Rescue

Noah’s Arks Rescue is a group of individuals working to end the senseless killing in shelters all across the country. We supply emergency medical, surgical and rehabilitation care to abused and neglected animals.

We are not a shelter. The only animals we foster are the ones that are in our surgical and rehabilitation programs. Our wish and our lifelong hope is that our society becomes better educated in the ethical treatment of all animals. We focus on animals that depend on us for their right to life.

Please help those who cannot help themselves. If you are considering a companion animal, please, contact us. If you cannot adopt but would like to help, consider becoming a foster parent or make a donation. All of our donations go toward saving the life of an animal that has been abused or severely neglected.

We are also always looking for volunteers who help us at adoption events. Contact us for further details. NAR is fully-funded by your generous donations. Without you, we could not help all the animals we do. We are the last ray of hope for the animals we rescue. We take in those society has forgotten.

Help us help them. All donations are tax deductible. Noah’s Arks Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit. On our website (, you can see some of the animals we've helped over the years and the most recent ones we are currently trying to offer a new chance at life. Sign up for our e-newsletter and get daily updates by following us on Facebook!


Come Meet Noah's Arks Rescue's Pets

Please get in touch to make in appointment if you are interested in meeting any of our adoptable pups. Our training and rehabilitation facility is located in Okatie, South Carolina.


Noah's Arks Rescue's Adopted Pets

See Adopted Pets List

Make a donation to Noah's Arks Rescue to help homeless pets find homes