Lost But Loved (L.B.L) Animal Rescue

A P.O. Box 929, Murray, KY 42071 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals, horses, farm-type animals.

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Areas Lost But Loved (L.B.L) Animal Rescue Serves

All of Western KY. and some parts of TN.

Lost But Loved (L.B.L) Animal Rescue's Adoption Process

If you are interested in meeting one of our rescues and are seriously considering adoption, an online adoption application must be filled out prior to setting up an appointment to meet.

Application can be filled out at www.lblrescue.com and then click on The Adoption Application, it just takes a minute to fill out.

This way if you are pre-approved to adopt we can do that adoption at that time as well. The meeting will be done at your house so that a home visit can be done at that time as well. If you live out of town we will be in touch with another rescue group in your town to do the home visit for us, but you would have to drive to Murray, KY for the meeting, which is always done at the Murray City Park if you live out of town.

Why do I have to pay an ADOPTION FEE?

Adoption Fee of $150.00 is tax de-ductable and you will receive a receipt for your taxes.

Adoption Fee is required to cover the following Veterinary care listed below:

*Routine physical exams (est. cost $40.00)
*Routine de-worming (est. cost $20.00)
*Routine heartworm testing (est. cost $55.00)
*Routine monthly heartworm and flea/tick
prevention (est. cost per yr. $200.00)
*Annual Vaccinations (est. cost $75.00)
*Spay or Neuter (est. cost $100.00)
*Microchip implant and registration (est. cost
*Grooming, ear cleaning, bath, and pedicure (est.
cost $30.00)
*45 days of complimentary Pet Health Insurance
through Shelter Care. (est. cost $60.00)
Science Diet dog food (est. cost a yr. $ 240.00)

Total estimated cost that we spend on each dog every year is $800.00. That does not include the cost that we incur if the dog is sick when we get it from the shelter, if it has mange, parvo, needs a dental, etc. We are only asking for you to reimburse our rescue $150.00 for the dog that you are adopting so that we can afford to keep saving dogs. So, sure you can get a free dog or buy one from someone, but has that dog had all of the above done to it? If not, look at what that free or $300.00 dog that has had nothing done is going to cost you. Also, are they going to be healthy, or are you taking a chance on getting a sick dog that is going to have to be hospitalized and cost you even more? Things to think about when adding a new member to your family

Also keep in mind that once you adopt, even though we have had everything done that can be done to this dog, you will still need to plan on spending at least $500.00 a year on your new friend. Here is a list of some of the annual expenses every dog owner will have to spend to keep their pet healthy. Keep in mind this is just an estimate and it can be much cheaper or much more depending on what you get done and who does it. Also, once your 45 days of free pet health insurance expires you can renew it for as low as $15.00 a month to cover your pet in case it gets sick or injured which is a great idea, since surgeries and hospital stays are VERY expensive.

*Routine physical exam
*Routine de-worming
*Routine heartworm and flea/tick prevention
*Routine heartworm testing
*Annual Vaccinations
*Good quality dog food

About Lost But Loved (L.B.L) Animal Rescue

Our purpose is to help find neglected and orphaned animals loving homes. We work with local and some non-local shelters, along with other local volunteers to foster these animals and find them good homes. We do not have a shelter or facility to house the animals that we take in. We work with a network of local volunteers to foster these animals until we can place them in their new home. We cannot take in owner surrenders due to the large number of animals that we save from kill shelters. All of our animals are rescued from shelters the day that they are scheduled to be killed. We get the animal proper vet care, vaccines, spayed/neutered, and on heart worm and flea prevention.

Please, if you are considering giving up your pet, try to find it a good home before you take it to a shelter. 70% of owner surrenders at shelters are killed as soon as you leave them. This is because they are usually overcrowded and have to keep the stray animals for at least 5 days before they kill them. The shelter is a place for animals that are lost or orphaned. It does not need to be a place where you can just drop off your animal when you don't want it anymore.
BE RESPOSIBLE!!! They are living, breathing animals, that trust, love, and depend on you to take care of them. Please keep this in mind when you realize that you cannot keep him/her anymore and try to find your animal a good home. Otherwise you are turning your back on all of the unconditional love and compassion that they have only known to show you and you are committing the rest of their short lived life on a cold shelter floor, scared and wondering what they did so wrong to get left there. No more pets on the head, or belly rubs. No more quiet nights sleeping in your bed, or the sense of belonging..... Just the relentless barking and the sense of fear until their cage door opens... Scared and unsure about what is about to happen to them, they still trust a perfect stranger, still wag their tails as they take their "last walk"... still purr and rub their head on your shoulder... still think that their owner will be behind that door when it opens... "He is your friend, your partner, your defender. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion"

Come Meet Lost But Loved (L.B.L) Animal Rescue's Pets

Please check our events page to see when our next adoption/fundraiser/microchip event will be. Click on http://www.lblrescue.com/Current_Events.html

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