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A 13215 SE MILL PLAIN BLVD., C-8 #101, Vancouver, WA 98684 rescue helping to find loving homes for birds.

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Button Quail

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African Grey

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Areas Northwest Parrot Rescue Serves

Vancouver, Washington
Portland. Oregon, Washington State

Northwest Parrot Rescue's Adoption Process

1. Submit Application

Adoption Application Link:

2. Interview

3. Meet the Pet

4. Home Check

To Adopt from us you Must;

You must be between the age of 28 and 60 years of age to qualify to adopt any parrot from us. In addition the adopter must be the head of the household, and hold a minimum of 1 year at current residence is required.
We will not allow any 2nd party adoptions. (No gifting of adopted parrots).We will not place any parrot for breeding purposes. We cannot place any parrot on a floating home, or with anyone living in a RV.
You must live within a 200-mile radius of Portland, Oregon to adopt. Understanding that home visits are required, we are also able to deliver parrots with large cages to most areas. If you live outside this region, an additional transportation May fee will be required.
We prefer not to place our parrots in homes with children, unless if you currently have parrots for over the past 3 years around the children. We Must meet the children and approve before placement.
Please be aware that we have reasonable adoption fees for each parrot that will include their cage.
Please be aware: If you currently own a Dachshund dog or any Terrier mix dog, that is currently parrot friendly, we must meet your dog prior to any placement. If you currently own one of these breeds of dogs that have been housed with a parrot we need to meet the dog and your parrot before we will place one of our parrots with you.

*If you meet the above qualifications then submit in your adoption application, only if you’re ready to adopt within 72 hours.

*We will be in contact with you within 1 to 6 hours during normal business hours.
*If you haven’t heard back from us after 24 hours of your submission of your application, then send us an email at;

About Northwest Parrot Rescue

N.W. Bird Rescue is an avian welfare non profit organization

N.W. Bird Rescue’s primary activity is to provide sanctuary and care for all exotic parrots that are seeking a new home. Some parrots that are not suitable for adoption or placement are placed in foster care or will be placed in our sanctuary program.

Come Meet Northwest Parrot Rescue's Pets

By Appointment only. You Must submit in and adoption application, and wait for a phone interview.

Northwest Parrot Rescue's Adopted Pets

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