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A Denver, CO 80224 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs.

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Areas Mile High Husky Rescue Serves

Please note that it is our policy to only adopt to applicants from Colorado and Wyoming.

Mile High Husky Rescue's Adoption Process

To avoid wasting your time and ours, and to avoid having any misunderstandings, you should be aware of our adoption requirements:

We require an application, references, and a home visit, as well as an adoption contract. We do check the references you provide, so please make sure the information you give us is accurate, or we may choose to deny your application based on the fact that we were provided with misleading information.

1.You must have a completely enclosed fence that is at least 6 feet tall all the way around your yard. The fence cannot have gaps or spaces and the gate(s) must be sturdy enough that they cannot be easily lifted off their hinges and they must latch securely. All gates must have a padlock. We have these requirements because huskies are escape artists.

2.Invisible fences are invisible, hence the name. They will not protect your pet from other animals or malicious people, nor will they stop your pet from killing another animal that crosses into that area.

3.The primary adopter must be over the age of age of twenty-one.

4.We will not adopt to you if you or anyone living in your household has ever been charged with a sex crime, animal cruelty, or domestic battery.

5.You must be willing to allow for a home visit. All members of the household must be present during the home visit, including children and other pets.

6.The address on your driver’s license must match the address of the home where we are conducting the home visit.

7.We will not adopt to people living in an apartment or condo. We know that sometimes people are successful living in a condo or apartment with the husky, but it’s not an ideal situation and is always a struggle. We’re trying to ensure our dogs go into homes that have the best chance of success.

8.All of your pets must be current on vaccinations and be spayed or neutered. The only exception to the spay and neuter rule, is if you own an un-altered pet that has been shown or proven in the conformation ring (you show your dog). We will need you to prove this.

9.If you rent, you must provide a letter from your landlord stating that you are allowed to have a husky (or whichever breed you’re applying for) over 40-50 lbs.

10.You must be able to provide a minimum total of 30 minutes of daily exercise for the dog. This does not include yard play time.

11.We will not adopt to you if you expect the dog to live outside full time.

12.We will not adopt to you if you have a low tolerance for dog hair. Huskies shed at least twice a year, from January to June and from July to December :-).

13.We will not adopt to you if intend to use aggressive training devices on the dog such as prong or shock collars.

14.You and your family must be willing to invest the time, money and energy necessary for training.

All of our dogs are in foster care, so we don't have a facility you can visit. Please fill out the application and then we will call you to schedule the home visit.

All questions need to be answered or an N/A placed after the question to be considered for adoption. Adoption fees vary from $150-$400 depending on the dog with the average being $250 This fee covers our personal costs in brining the dog to health, vet bills, surgeries and the like. All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, de-wormed, on heartworm preventative, microchipped and up to date onl vaccinations including Bordetella.

About Mile High Husky Rescue

Mile High Husky Rescue is a foster based rescue organization dedicated to rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for unwanted Siberian Huskies, Siberian Husky mixes and occasionally other breeds. We strive to work with other rescue organizations and to educate the public as a whole about the special needs of the Siberian Husky and responsible pet ownership.

We are a 100% volunteer based organization, so please understand it may take up to 48 hours for us to return your calls and emails.

Come Meet Mile High Husky Rescue's Pets

We do not have a facility for you to visit. All of our dogs are living in foster homes. To adopt one of our dogs, please complete an adoption application. After we receive your application, we will call you to discuss the dogs and schedule a home visit.