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A 669 SW Bay Blvd., Newport, OR 97365 rescue helping to find loving homes for cats.

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Areas For The Love of A Cat, Inc. Serves

We are located in the beautiful Oregon Coast town of Newport.

For The Love of A Cat, Inc.'s Adoption Process

There are no fees to adopt or little loves, but donations are always appreciated. We have a quick application process and show the cats by appointment only. We are also teamed up with a local veterinarian that will give an initial complimentary exam and spay/neuter at a discounted price.

About For The Love of A Cat, Inc.

The nature of our work is varied and demanding. During the active months of the year, i. e. March through October, we locate and trap homeless cats in our established local regions, using professional, humane trapping equipment. Once the feline has been trapped and retrieved, it is transported to a local clinic, where it is examined and diagnosed by the resident veterinarian. Treatment is agreed upon, based on the individual feline's condition. At this time, a determination is made from the animal's behavior as to a classification of feral or adoptable. During surgery for sterilization, each feral cat has a small section of it's ear tip removed, so that it can be later identified as an already rescued animal. This method is familiar to most rescue groups throughout the country.

Once released from the clinic, any feral cat not needing additional treatment is returned to it's original location, where volunteers provide an on-going supply of food and fresh water. Adoptable animals are transported to our facility, where the volunteer staff continues with any treatment that might be required, and begins to socialize them for adoption, i.e. accustom them to human touch and affection. When a cat is ready to be adopted out, it is photographed and listed on various websites, such as Craig's List and Petfinder, as well as appearing on one of our fliers. Each potential home is carefully investigated in an effort to ensure the adoption will work for all concerned. If the placement doesn't work out, the animal is returned to our facility, and a new adoption process is started. So far, our success rate has been very high and very encouraging.

We are proud of the work we have done over the past few years, and we are determined to continue saving lives and making a difference.
First: To Reduce the unwanted feline population and prevent additional growth, caused by the ability of an unspayed female to produce numerous litters in her lifetime.

This problem occurs throughout the Northwest, but most especially in rural locations such as the Siletz and Alsea River areas in Lincoln County. Our primary focus is to first identify, and then work to alleviate the suffering of animals in these areas. This will be accomplished though the use of well-tested and humane methods of TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return).
Second:To establish and care for existing feral colonies.

Using specialized feeding stations, we provide consistent nourishment and oversight to existing colonies. The feeding stations are specially built to prevent wild animals from raiding the supplies. The reliable supply of food helps maintain the security and well-being of the colony.
Third: To provide adoption services for abandoned, non-feral cats and feral offspring.

Socialization of feral offspring takes place at the shelter, with on-going human contact and affection. The identification of non-feral adults is based on observed behavior during the initial veterinary visit.

The outcome of these goals and strategies is to create disease-free and well-established colonies and prevent the influx of new members. The rescue and subsequent adoption of feral kittens and stray cats, helps to remove felines from at-risk scenarios in the wild, and provide loving and secure homes for them. We feel this improves the quality of life of many otherwise neglected and abandoned cats, and provides loving pets for their human companions. Using private sources of funding, our organization has rescued and sterilized six-hundred and fifty animals in the past two and a half years, during which time we have also been able to determine the most effective methods of achieving our goals. We believe that this invaluable experience has resulted in a staff well qualified to deal with this unique problem. It also means that we are able to make the best use of resources, local contacts and supportive volunteers.

Come Meet For The Love of A Cat, Inc.'s Pets

Give us a call at 541-265-9685 to set up a visit