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A 15 Anderson Lane, Goldens Bridge, NY 10526 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals, birds, horses, reptiles, amphibians, and/or fish, farm-type animals.

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Chloe Bee & Stella Nova

Female, Young, Bonded Pair

Chloe Bee & Stella Nova

Female, Young, Bonded Pair

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Areas Amber's Angels Rescue Serves

*We adopt only in the Tri-State Area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.) However, we have been expanding to what areas we adopt out to. If you are out of the tri-state area, you will have to fill out the standard adoption application. However, the rescue will require pictures of your home, yard, and family. *

Amber's Angels Rescue's Adoption Process

Amber’s Angels Rescue’s Adoption Process

1. Application submission
2. Application processing
3. Meet and Greet(s)

The Application:

Thank you for your interest in adopting and helping to save a dog's life. Fosters and volunteers welcome. All fosters will be screened with the same process used for our adopters!
Please email us for an application. If you don't hear back within 48 hours please follow up with another email. The directors and volunteers all have full time jobs, are in school, have children, their own pets, and have regular lives outside the rescue. The application is designed to help you find the dog most compatible with your lifestyle.
To adopt a pet, you must:
• Show a government issued picture ID
• Be at least 21 years of age.
• Have the knowledge and consent of your landlord
• Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide medical treatment and proper care and training of the pet and be willing to sign an adoption contract stating such.

Application submission & processing:
Once you have submitted your application, please HAVE YOUR THREE REFERENCES CALL IN. This helps keep things moving forward so that we can move forward with next steps as quickly as possible. They can call 914.980.9256.
If they are brought to a voicemail they should leave their name, number, and who they are leaving a reference for. If voicemail is full- please have them text 914.980.9256.
On the application we ask for a veterinary reference, an adoption coordinator will call your vet. The veterinary reference is the most important references. The rescue wants to make sure any current or previous pets received lifelong medical care (annual examinations, spayed/neutered, vaccines, dentals, flea, tick, heartworm prevention.) If there is a large lapse in medical care or documentation cannot be provided your application may not be approved.
Meet & Greet(s):
Once your application has been processed we will be in touch in order to discuss next steps and schedule an official meet & greet! Please be aware: some lucky dogs may receive several inquiries.. and applications... we strive to honor the order in which we receive applications while at the same time doing our best to ensure great matches! Our rescue does not serve on the bases “first come, first serve.”

When meeting any dog its important to stay calm, relaxed and pretty much ignore the dog(s). Some dogs may be more excited than others. However, some dogs will choice to ignore you when you first meet the dog and that is okay! This is polite doggie etiquette and will make a dog feel more trusting of you if you permit the dog to approach you & use his nose to check you out without looking at him talking to him or reaching out to touch. We can provide you with treats to sweeten the experience! If you have children please tell them before the meet and greet that they have to do the same. It is ok to be excited (or nervous) when meeting the dog(s) but for all dogs (and adoption coordinators) screeching, crying, or yelling can be very overwhelming. Our dogs all have a comfort level with the people at the rescue and will be more inclined to show affection and a level of trust that you will earn during your meeting by following these social rules.
Adoption Day:
All adoption fees includes:
• Up-to-date Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella & Rabies vaccines
• Spay/neuter (if old enough)
• Up-to-date monthly flea/tick/HW preventative
• A 1-month supply of HW medication
All dogs are medically and behaviorally evaluated by our veterinarians.

Day of pick up:
Our adoption fees for dogs range from $300-$600. Adoption fees range due to the cost of vetting, transport and boarding. Adoption fees need to be paid by cash or check at time of adoption.
1. Bring the appropriate size collar, harness, and leash.
2. Please consider how you will want to transport your pet home. Some pets are nervous and are more comfortable in a crate, others are happy to sit on a passengers lap.

When you bring your new dog home!
Set up a routine. Knowing this before you bring the new dog into the home will defuse any confusion with the new rescue dog and family members.
Buy some of the basics, your new dog can settle in without too many mad dashes to the store.
Here’s what you’ll need:
-Toys/chew toys/bones
-Stain- and odor-removing cleaners.
-Dog dishes (not plastic-harder to clean, and some plastic dishes have an undesirable smell/taste that makes dogs not want to eat from the dish).
- Baby gates to possibly some to block off sections of your house.
-Crate. A crate big enough for your dog to have a dog bed/blanket, water dish, and piece of newspaper/wee-wee pad). You don’t want the dog bed to take up the entire crate because if your dog starts having accidents, you could accidently encourage your dog to urinate and defecate on bedding.
Helpful Tips:
-Until your pet learns your house rules, don’t give him or unsupervised access to rooms with rugs, sofas, beds or any other furniture. Please remember to increase your pet’s roaming privileges slowly, room by room (going from restriction to complete freedom can set a pet up to fail.)
-The first few days you may want to leave a short leash on your dog incase the dog tries to hop up on furniture or tries to get away from you. Use dog crates and gates to confine your new dog when home alone until his house manners earn him unsupervised freedom.
-Put a cozy bed for your pet in every room. Pets are much more likely to keep off of furniture if they have attractive alternatives.
-Be sure to give your dog at least 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise—running, fetching, playing or swimming—each day. A tired dog will be much less likely to engage in destructive behavior. A busy dog will be much better behaved, too. Consider feeding your pet in food-puzzle toys when he or she has to stay home alone. They are also known as interactive toys. You can find these type of toys online or in your local pet store. If he or she spends time working for chow, he’ll be less likely to look for other ways to alleviate his boredom.

Food and maybe some treats for training.
Try to get the same food your new dog has been eating since a sudden switch in diet can upset his or her stomach. Don’t forget to ask the rescue this!
Keep it pleasant but low-key for the first few days. Dogs need an estimated 7-30 days to fully acclimate to a home. For a shy puppy or dog, being taken to a new place (ie. extend family members’ home, or pet store) and then deluged with lots of loud, lively strangers can be really overwhelming.
Introduce your new dog to the crate or the room she/he will be staying when you are not home. A puppy pen and/or a crate is a great tool to have when raising a puppy or a new rescue dog! Too much freedom can be overwhelming. It is recommended that new addition is supervised when brought into the home. This means no unsupervised time with the other resident animals and not being left alone uncrated or not baby gated into a room. A nervous dog will become destructive.

Provide plenty of “legal” things for your dog to chew. If he has attractive toys and bones of his own, he’ll be much less likely to chew on your things.
Many of the rescue dogs love toys so be prepared if you don’t have toys, everything you love will end up being a toy.
Start your training. We highly recommend individual training sessions or group classes. It’s never too early for puppies to start learning the basics.

About Amber's Angels Rescue

Amber's Angels takes in animals that have been relinquished, hoarded, abused and or neglected or animals that need rescue from high- kill shelters down south. Rescued pets are medically treated, behaviorally evaluated socialized, trained and loved as we search for well-matched homes. Adopters receive their pets’ medical records, training plans and pet food to help make transition into their new homes a smooth as possible. On going medical and training advice is provided for the lifetime of the pet.

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