Pampa Animal Welfare Society - PAWS

A 752 Municipal DR, Pampa, TX 79065 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, small animals.

Faustina Curry

Pets at Pampa Animal Welfare Society - PAWS

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Photo of Moose Bacon 51141

Moose Bacon 51141

Male, Young
Cattle Dog

Photo of Mighty Moe 50984

Mighty Moe 50984

Male, Young
Domestic Shorthair

Photo of Buddy Holly 51189

Buddy Holly 51189

Male, Adult
Rottweiler / Australian Cattle Dog

Photo of Rainey Turtle 51250

Rainey Turtle 51250

Female, Adult
Labrador Retriever / Border Collie

Photo of Miko Soy Bean 50684

Miko Soy Bean 50684

Male, Adult
Irish Wolfhound

Photo of Lola LaRue 51275

Lola LaRue 51275

Female, Young
Domestic Shorthair

Photo of Gizmo Gremlin 51273

Gizmo Gremlin 51273

Male, Young
Domestic Shorthair

Photo of Nala Serengeti  51274

Nala Serengeti 51274

Female, Young
Domestic Shorthair

Photo of Vance Zippy Do Da 51226

Vance Zippy Do Da 51226

Male, Young
Domestic Shorthair

Photo of Amber Rigatoni 51287

Amber Rigatoni 51287

Female, Young
Great Dane

Photo of Bre Button 51159

Bre Button 51159

Female, Adult
Labrador Retriever

Photo of Play Misty for Me 51256

Play Misty for Me 51256

Female, Adult
Labrador Retriever / American Pit Bull Terrier

Photo of Sassy Pants 51255

Sassy Pants 51255

Female, Adult
Miniature Pinscher / Chihuahua

Photo of Will Penn 51194

Will Penn 51194

Male, Senior

Photo of Matilda Australia 51168

Matilda Australia 51168

Female, Adult
Domestic Shorthair

Photo of Evie Faith 51246

Evie Faith 51246

Female, Adult
Domestic Mediumhair

Photo of Molly Oodles 51095

Molly Oodles 51095

Female, Young
Domestic Shorthair

Photo of Maize Moonshine 51094

Maize Moonshine 51094

Female, Young
Domestic Shorthair

Photo of Vickie Taffy 51227

Vickie Taffy 51227

Female, Adult
Domestic Shorthair

Photo of Red Adair 50551

Red Adair 50551

Male, Adult
Shepherd (Unknown Type)

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1 - 20 of 50 Adoptable Pets at This Shelter

Areas Pampa Animal Welfare Society - PAWS Serves

We serve Gray County Texas. The shelter is open 3pm-6pm Monday-Saturday, and 3pm - 5pm on Sunday.

Pampa Animal Welfare Society - PAWS's Adoption Process

We require a fee of $95.00 for dogs and $85.00 for cats. This is for shots including rabies, spay/neuter and microchiping. We require the adopter to sign a contract.Adopted animals must get rabies shots and be spayed or neutered by 5 months if too young to br sterilized when adopted.

About Pampa Animal Welfare Society - PAWS

Paws is a non-profit 501(C)(3) rescue formed to offer an alternative for felines that would otherwise face an uncertain future. We are a group of volunteers that have a passion for animals and the rescue mission of finding loving homes for the animals under our care.
No loving companions are adopted out until they are spayed or neutered, check by a veterinarian, vaccinated and tested.

Foster homes are always scarce and in high demand so if you can open your hearts and your home to help our animals it would be much appreciated. Every foster makes it possible for another unwanted feline to find a loving home.

What would a non-profit be without donations? Remember donations are all tax deductible. Wouldn't you rather give to loving cause then Good old Uncle Sam! If you are like us, we have already given at the office!

Barn homes are needed from time to time for our felines that just can't seem to adjust living with us humans. So, we would like to see them put to work catching those pesky little rodents. We will make sure you will have a healthy and vetted cat, if you will make sure the cat has a warm shelter from our cold winter nights, supplemental food and water and a kind eye out for his/her needs. The cat will make sure to provide you with a rodent free barn. It's a win/win situation.

Are you a literary giant like Hemingway or Steinbeck and can plead a case? We need grant writers! Grants are the lifeblood of any rescue. We are busy taking care of the animals and finding homes and need you to put pen to paper!

If you can help transport animals from Pampa to Trinidad, CO please give us a call! This is another way we can save lives by transferring animals to no-kill rescues.

We also need people to help on Saturdays to get the animals to Amarillo Petco for adoptions!

If you can't adopt, foster. If you can't foster, sponsor. If you can't sponsor, volunteer. If you can't volunteer, donate. If you can't donate, educate, network and crosspost. EVERYONE can do something, large or small, to help save a life.

Come Meet Pampa Animal Welfare Society - PAWS's Pets

We are a rescue for cats that are in need of loving homes. Please bring all family members to see the animals since everyone will be living in the same household. Peace and harmony are a good thing and remember it takes the whole household to provide for a loving pet.You will need to fill out an adoption application and provide a form of identification then pay a fee for a fully vetted animal.

You can also see our animals at the Amarillo Petco every Saturday.

Make sure to "like" us on Facebook.