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A Millville, NJ 08360 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats.

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Female, Senior
American Pit Bull Terrier

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TLC Animal Rescue (TLCAR) is a foster based 501(c)3 registered non-profit rescue organization in New Jersey.

The animals brought into TLCAR’s care have a variety of backgrounds. Some are surrendered by their owners due to difficult family situations. Others have been severely neglected or make their way to TLCAR via high kill shelters. Regardless of their past, all the animals that are taken under TLCAR’s care have one thing in common, a second chance!

We are focused on providing high quality homes to animals in need - we will do everything we can to prepare our rescues for their new forever families. We fight against stereotypes of the pit bull breed, educate the public on prevention of animal cruelty, animal behavior and training, and the importance of spaying/neutering.

TLC Animal Rescue's Adoption Process

The animal must be spay/neutered prior to going to its new home.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

All members of the household must be interviewed before an adoption is approved. A pet is a family member and so all members of the family need to be in agreement about when to adopt a pet, and which pet to adopt.

Anyone renting or leasing must have written permission from their landlord before an adoption can be approved. Any restrictions regarding type or size of animal must be noted.

We prefer that applicants have lived at their current address for at least three months. This is to make sure that owners have had time to settle into their new surroundings, and have established a stable routine before bringing a pet into the home. Because pets have extremely sensitive noses, any remodeling projects that involve chemicals and paint - including the installation of carpet - should have been completed well in advance of bringing a new pet home. Please remember that any time of transition is probably not a good time to adopt a pet.

We do not adopt out "outdoor pets." Pets that are left outside to do not bond as readily with their owners and are prone to nuisance behaviors like barking, escaping, roaming, digging, predatory behavior and other destruction. If applicants currently have an "outdoor pet" their adoption may be denied.

We prefer applicants for dog adoptions to have a yard that is fenced on all sides, or a fenced kennel area, however it is not mandatory if other ways to exercise are available. Dogs that do not have access to a fenced-in area are much harder to housebreak and are more likely to escape, roam and become a neighborhood nuisance. Some dogs may require a fence of a certain type and height.

Because young puppies require intensive training and care, we cannot place puppies younger than four months of age in a home where some is consistently absent from the home for long periods of time.

Because of potential injury and behavior/training concerns, we are very cautious when placing very young pets (those younger than four months) in homes with children under the age of five. Puppies chew, scratch and nip, and children may be unintentionally rough as well. We encourage adopters with young children to consider adopting a dog that is at least four months of age.

If applicants have a dog at home, they must bring their dog to the meet and greet to meet the new pet before the adoption will be approved. We want to make sure that their dog is happy with their selection and that the transition for both dogs will be relatively smooth.

We cannot adopt out two dogs at one time. Dogs need time to bond with their owners one-on-one. Dogs that are adopted together will likely look to one another for companionship and direction rather than to their new owners.

If you are interested in one of our adoptable dogs please Click here for the adoption form.

About TLC Animal Rescue

We have been involved with animal rescue for many years. We save animals in high kill shelters & provide them with a second chance with a new family. Also, take in strays/owner surrenders and provide them with the proper care they need & place them in foster homes until a new family is found.

Come Meet TLC Animal Rescue's Pets

Our adoptables are placed in foster homes thru out South Jersey. If you would like to schedule a meet & greet please contact us.

TLC Animal Rescue's Adopted Pets

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