Gabby's Animal Rescue Inc.

A Visalia, CA 93277 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals, birds, horses, reptiles, amphibians, and/or fish, farm-type animals.

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Areas Gabby's Animal Rescue Inc. Serves

Gabbys Animal Rescue is a small, NO KILL,private rescue located in Visalia, Ca. We travel all up and down California to take animals in our rescue to their new homes.

Gabby's Animal Rescue Inc.'s Adoption Process

Our higest adoption fee for dogs/puppies is between $150 and $200 and our highest adoption fee for cats/kittens is between $65 and $100, you're required to sign an adoption contract stating that you will provide the animal in a safe, loving home and provide it with veterinary care if/when needed.

About Gabby's Animal Rescue Inc.

Ever since Gabrielle Rose Enns was a child, she’s possessed an endless love and passion for the caretaking and well being of animals. Independent of whether it was a fish, a cat, a dog, a horse or anything in between, Gabrielle has owned, rescued and cared for every animal that’s ever crossed her path.

Gabrielle has always been a responsible and selfless person. As a child, she did chores for an allowance and always chose to spend her money on caring for her pets. At the age of 16, Gabrielle got her first job at a local pet food store where she enjoyed interacting with pet owners. Little did she know, that just a mere six months later she would be working at the local veterinary hospital. First starting off as a Kennel Worker, then quickly moving up to Veterinary Assistant, Gabrielle enjoyed every task assigned to her in caring for the animals that came into the veterinary hospital.

Gabrielle is also a very caring and strong-willed animal activist, determined to voice her opinions and concerns regarding the welfare of animals. Gabrielle has never “looked the other way” when it comes to providing an animal in need with the care and love it deserves, no matter what the circumstances. Since she was just a little girl, Gabrielle has been taking in stray animals and unwanted pets, providing them with care until she could find their owners or a new family for them. As a young adult, Gabrielle could not bare to see the numerous postings on the Internet listing once beloved pets as “free to good home” objects. The overwhelming feeling of sadness in thinking of all the helpless and discarded animals made Gabrielle take what she already was doing for animals to the next level.

Today, Gabrielle is a stay at home Mother five children and runs her rescue full-time from her home. Gabrielle always knew she wanted to have an animal rescue one day but never dreamed of it coming so soon.

Come Meet Gabby's Animal Rescue Inc.'s Pets

Our rescue is run out of our home and we have many animals in foster homes so adoptions are by appointment only.

Make a donation to Gabby's Animal Rescue Inc. to help homeless pets find homes