Tabby Town-Friends for Felines, Inc.

A 3701 McKinley Parkway, Suite 830, Blasdell, NY 14219 rescue helping to find loving homes for cats.

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Male, Young
Domestic Shorthair


Female, Young
Domestic Longhair


Male, Young, Special Needs
Domestic Shorthair


Female, Young
Domestic Shorthair


Female, Young
Domestic Mediumhair


Female, Young
Domestic Shorthair


Female, Adult, Special Needs
Domestic Shorthair


Female, Young
Domestic Shorthair


Female, Young, Special Needs
Domestic Shorthair


Female, Senior
Domestic Shorthair


Male, Adult
Domestic Shorthair


Male, Adult
Domestic Shorthair


Male, Adult
Domestic Shorthair

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Areas Tabby Town-Friends for Felines, Inc. Serves

Tabby Town serves the eight counties of Western New York but the primary share of our clients are from Erie and Niagara County, especially Buffalo, New York and the surrounding suburbs. We also occasionally serve the Rochester, New York area and northern Pennsylvania including Cattaraugus County.

Tabby Town-Friends for Felines, Inc.'s Adoption Process

Adoption Procedure Policy
All our cats and kittens at Tabby Town (TT) are rescued with the goal of adoption. Our organization partners with six local animal welfare groups; each group follows a specific protocol for adoption and TT implements adoptions according to each individual process as required by that organization. There are great similarities among the groups; the most significant difference is that some groups restrict de-clawing. We collaborate with all our animal welfare partners with the understanding that we will follow their specific protocol while working toward a universal adoption process. To that end, our highly trained team of volunteers follows strict guidelines while taking into account each individual situation from both human and animal perspectives.
Here is the process:
-Visitors come to TT to meet cats with possibility of adopting
-If a cat is selected, family goes in a private "meet and greet"to spend time with cat/kitten
-If there is a positive result on both sides, TT's vetting process begins, which includes a thorough questionnaire about animal ownership history and veterinary relationships, attitudes towards animals, as well as financial viability, along with a comprehensive verbal interview. If the prospective adopter rents as opposed to owning his home, written permission from the landlord is required to finalize adoption
-All animal records are reviewed with prospective adopters to provide full disclosure about the animal including history and specific details about the animal's personality, medical conditions, nutritional needs, etc.
-Prospective adopters complete an adoption agreement form which is a legal contract, and pay an adoption donation which ranges from $45.00 to $125.00 depending on cat's age, medical concerns, special needs, etc.
-The animal can leave with the new family that day if everything goes well, the family is prepared for the animal at his/her new home, and assuming there are no concerns or issues that may warrant further investigation. Copies of all paperwork are given to the new family, along with any relevant supplies, etc.
-Each adoptive family receives a certificate for a free first veterinary visit (along a comprehensive list of local veterinary clinics,) to be redeemed within ten days
-TT's team snaps a "new forever family" portrait and frequently posts our new adoption stories on social media to be celebrated and enjoyed
-TT's team of volunteers performs direct follow-up over the course of the following weeks to make sure everyone is adjusting properly and to answer any questions
-TT has a 100 percent return policy for any reason, with the protection and care of our animals as first priority at all times
-TT is always available during the life of the animal, to provide support and answer questions, and to give medical referrals, behavioral advice and to keep track of how each adopted animal is progressing and adjusting
-TT receives literally hundreds of emails, photos, visits, and posts with wonderful stories about our cats and kittens who have found forever homes
-Most cats may be put "on hold" pending adoption (if available,) for up to 24 hours. A deposit toward the adoption fee is encouraged for this request. Under special circumstances a kitten may be put on hold subject to our manager's discretion

About Tabby Town-Friends for Felines, Inc.

Tabby Town Mission Statement
Organizational Overview and Mission

Tabby Town was formed in fall of 2009 in Buffalo, New York; since then, we have been working collaboratively with our local animal shelters and rescue community partners to increase successful cat and kitten adoptions throughout Western New York. We are located in Blasdell, New York just south of Buffalo, at the McKinley Mall. Our adoptive families are from the eight counties of Western New York, with the largest percentage from Erie County. Our cats and kittens are brought to us from the SPCA of Erie County, Buffalo City Animal Shelter, Rochester Animal Services, Hope for Cats and other local organizations whenever they are at maximum capacity or unable to accept additional animals. We are a significant, direct source of assistance to them and we virtually never refuse any animals brought to our door. Our straightforward mission states that all cats and kittens in our care, regardless of how they arrived at Tabby Town, deserve good food, good health and a good home.
While in our care, TT is fully financially responsible for all animals residing with us here as well as off-site in our foster care program. As of 2018, we have successfully provided adoptive homes to over 5,700 cats and kittens. We accomplish this work in part because of the unwavering support of our team of dedicated volunteers, limited corporate sponsors, our private donors and donor solicitation protocol, and limited foundation support as well as a brisk ongoing fundraising program. WITHOUT THE PRIVATE AND CORPORATE DONORS FROM ALL OVER OUR WONDERFUL COMMUNITY, WE SIMPLY WOULD NOT BE HERE!! Our organization conducts a large number of donor and customized fundraising events throughout the year and pursues in-kind donations as well to help us with food, cleaning supplies, etc. We are fortunate to be partners with Best Friends Animal Society, with whom we implement a number of their adoption events at a grassroots level as well as implementing our own local events and programs both on-site and offsite. Because of all this support and activity, we have been able to sustain our adoption center, give all necessary and costly medical care and socialization to our cats and kittens and broaden our community outreach programs to continue our work.
Tabby Town is actively involved in animal rescue efforts in our area, sending the credible and vital message that our organization and our partners find cats worthy of our investment and deserving of life saving measures to find new, loving homes. We are fully committed to facilitating all necessary medical and emotional care to further adoption and we work closely with our veterinary partners and the animal welfare community to decrease euthanasia across our area and eliminate unnecessary stray and feral population increase.
All our animals are spayed or neutered (if required) and given proper veterinary care upon arrival and on a continuing basis. Our volunteer team focuses on providing comfort and love in a safe, clean, happy environment. We showcase our cats in “cozy condos” inside our mall location while they await their new homes, and we welcome our visitors to enjoy a positive, uplifting experience while they meet our feline residents.
Please visit under Friends for Felines, Inc. ( Tabby Town's not-for profit official name) for more information about our organization including financial statements.

Come Meet Tabby Town-Friends for Felines, Inc.'s Pets

Tabby Town 10 year Masquerade Celebration
Brierwood Country Club

Tabby Town is unique because we are an on-site rescue and adoption center at a busy mall location. We always have several cats and kittens available right here at our store, waiting for adoption to their forever homes. At any given time, Tabby Town has up to 70 cats and kittens of various ages, backgrounds and breeds, either healing in preparation for adoption, or awaiting adoption, housed in cozy cat condos in our uplifting environment. We welcome visitors to stop in, shop and adopt! Come see our cats and enjoy the peace and enjoyment that accompany hanging out here with them. We are open seven days a week from 11 AM to 7PM, with the exception of a few major holidays. No appointment is necessary to explore the possibility of giving one of our beloved felines a final forever home. Our adoptable cats can also be viewed at our website,
We host various adoption events throughout the year in collaboration with local businesses and pet supply stores; these include but are not limited to Denny's, Pet Supplies Plus, the McKinley Mall, Island Pet Lodge, and many others.
Additionally, we have multiple specialized adoption events on-site, with focus on different cats, such as special needs cats, black cats, kittens, etc. Some of these events are collaborative with prestigious animal rescue organizations including Best Friends Animal Society. More information is available at our location regarding upcoming fundraising events.

Tabby Town-Friends for Felines, Inc.'s Adopted Pets

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