Stubby's Sanctuary

A 4331 Palomino Road NW, Somerset, OH 43783 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals, birds, horses, reptiles, amphibians, and/or fish, farm-type animals.

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Areas Stubby's Sanctuary Serves

Perry County, OH and surrounding counties

Stubby's Sanctuary's Adoption Process

1. Interview

2. Meet the Pet

3. Submit Application

4. Approve Application

5. Sign Adoption Contract

6. Pay Fee

7. Take the Pet Home

We require an adoption application to make certain our furbabies are going to an appropriate forever home. Upon acceptance for adoption a contract will be signed.

All pets are assessed for general health and temperament upon intake. If the animal requires any medical care, that is taken care of during the quarantine period. No pet is released for adoption before initial quarantine time is completed, any health issues are dealt with and socialization has begun.

Adoption Fees (non-refundable):

Kitten/Cat - $90
Puppy/Dog - $varies
Rabbit - $30
Cavy (Guinea Pig) - $35
Rat - $15
Hamster - $15
Mice/Gerbil - $5
Ferret - $125
Fish/Birds/Other - price varies

Kitten/Cat/Puppy/Dog adoption fees include:
spay or neuter surgery*

We offer starter kits for sale, if desired, to help ease the transition home for your new family member.

*if adopting a pet that has not been sterilized prior to adoption, then an additional s/n fee is assessed and used as a deposit on that procedure. Deposit will be refunded once proof of the surgery has been received within the appropriate time frame, per spay/neuter agreement.

About Stubby's Sanctuary

We are an animal rescue, which we started due to our love and dedication to all of God's creatures. We provides care for many types of animals in need until they can go to their forever home. We even accept many animal types that other shelter organizations don't (i.e. birds, fish, pocket pets). Our team of animal loving volunteers are knowledgeable and prepared to care for the animals until they are matched with their perfect forever home. We also offer pet care advice for pet owners to help them maintain their beloved animals.

Come Meet Stubby's Sanctuary's Pets

See our website or follow us on Facebook for upcoming events. All other meetings are arranged by appointment.

Stubby's Sanctuary's Adopted Pets

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