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A Trent Hills, Warkworth, ON K0K 3K0 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs.

Carmella Barry

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Matilda Roo

Female, Adult
Jindo / Labrador Retriever


Male, Young
Belgian Malinois / Canaan Dog


Male, Adult
Canaan Dog / Mixed Breed (Medium)

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Areas Doggytime™Canine Care & Rescue Serves

Trent Hills, ON
Belleville, ON
Cobourg, ON
Peterborough, ON
Durham Region, ON
Toronto, ON

Doggytime™Canine Care & Rescue's Adoption Process

1. Submit Application

Adoption Application is found on our website at

2. Interview

If your Application is approved, we will email you to arrange a Telephone Interview to review your Application and address any questions.

3. Home Check

A Home Visit is required and will be arranged via email, to ensure your residence will be suitable for the dog you're applying for.

4. Meet the Pet

Meet & Greet is scheduled here at Doggytime™, or on neutral ground. If successful, Adoption proceedings begin.

5. Sign Adoption Contract

Upon successful Meet, Adoption is approved with signed contract and paid Adoption fee. You'll be able to bring your new dog home that day!

6. Take the Pet Home

Once you've left with your new dog, we expect to hear from you! We stand behind our dogs and are available to help with the transition.

~ Only Adoption Applications that are up to our standards will receive a reply and request for Interview.
~ Telephone Interviews can take 20 min. to 1 hour
~ Home Visits are mandatory to ensure the dog you're applying for will be comfortable at your residence.
~ Meet & Greet is usually scheduled here at Doggytime™ and cannot be rushed. We take the time to allow you and the dog you're applying for to get aquainted, take a walk together and establish a rapport. We also go over the dog's details and address any other questions at this time.
~ Raw Feeding Instruction is also demonstrated at time of Meet & Greet to ensure you're fully equipped to continue this method of feeding. (Raw Article and Menu is emailed prior to Meet & Greet).
~ Prior to your Meet & Greet, we will send you a list of required items for your potential new furry friend. You'll need to have these items in place before bringing the dog home with you.
~ Signed Adoption Contract and Paid Adoption Fee is mandatory to allow Adoption to proceed. Copy of Contract will be provided.
~ Adoption fees vary depending on dog (age, health, etc.)
~ We stand behind ALL of our dogs! Once you've taken your new furry family member home, we're still here to help you. Dogs need time to adjust to a move, and sometimes it's hard for new doggy parents. Contact us to guide you through it and answer any questions.
~ Don't forget about us. We fall in love with all of our dogs and once they're gone to their Furever homes, we never forget them. We only ask for a little update once in a while. A telephone call, an email or a Facebook message is very much appreciated ♥

About Doggytime™Canine Care & Rescue

We are Doggytime™Canine Care & Rescue ♥

We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds, regardless of past history or health issues.

We are a no-kill rescue and strive to do everything possible to ensure that all of our Adoptable Dogs find F♥rever Homes!

Foster homes are sometimes required if we already have a number of Rescue dogs with us, but we prefer to care for them under our own roof!

In order to pay for veterinary services such as vaccinations, spay and neuter procedures, microchips and so forth, as well as feeding all of these doggies, Doggytime™ also offers an array of services to ensure a steady flow of income.
These services include dog training, day or night care, holistic health education and more.

Our passion is Rescue!
Our mission is to save as many as possible!


Come Meet Doggytime™Canine Care & Rescue's Pets

Doggytime™ Canine Care & Rescue is located in Trent Hills, ON

Upon completion of Adoption Application process, arrangements are made for a Meet & Greet here at Doggytime™.
We schedule our Meets by appointment only, to ensure the safety and contentment of our Dogs!
Many of our Adoptables have overcome a significant amount of stress prior to coming into our Rescue, and we strive to maintain the peace and harmony we've achieved with them.

To arrange a Meet & Greet:
Submit your Adoption Application.
Once your application has been received and approved, the Telephone Interview completed and the Home Visit performed, we can arrange a date to meet a potential new furry family member!

Doggytime™Canine Care & Rescue's Adopted Pets

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