Alamo City House Rabbits

A San Antonio, TX 78232 rescue helping to find loving homes for rabbits.

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Photo of Cotton


Female, Adult

Photo of Leon


Male, Young
Netherland Dwarf

Photo of Lela


Female, Young
Netherland Dwarf

Photo of Sumo & JoJo

Sumo & JoJo

Male, Adult
Lop, Holland

Photo of Marshmallow & Seraphina

Marshmallow & Seraphina

Male, Adult

Photo of Bill & Ted

Bill & Ted

Male, Young

Photo of Felice


Female, Adult
Netherland Dwarf

Photo of Fausto


Male, Adult

Photo of John & Adam

John & Adam

Male, Young

Photo of Rose & Sutton

Rose & Sutton

Female, Young

Photo of Amber


Female, Adult

Photo of Calvin


Male, Adult

Photo of Quinn & Zoey

Quinn & Zoey

Male, Adult
Lop, Holland

Photo of Sprout & Sunny Girl

Sprout & Sunny Girl

Female, Adult

Photo of Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum

Female, Adult
English Spot

Photo of Claudia & Lyndon

Claudia & Lyndon

Female, Young
Florida White

Photo of Sherlock & Hayzel

Sherlock & Hayzel

Male, Adult
Florida White

Photo of Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet

Male, Adult

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Areas Alamo City House Rabbits Serves

Bexar County, Texas, including the greater San Antonio metropolitan area

Alamo City House Rabbits's Adoption Process

1. Submit Application

Please contact ACHR through Adoptapet by submitting your interest below and an application will be emailed to you

2. Meet the Pet

Due to a deadly rabbit hemorrhagic virus now found in Texas (RHDV2) and COVID, meetings by strict appointment only. Info will be provided

3. Approve Application

After the initial meeting you will be approved and given time to purchase all needed supplies prior to the final consultation.

4. Take the Pet Home

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, final delivery of your rabbit will be coordinated with the adoption counselor.

5. Take the Pet Home

Once we have reviewed your set up and made any suggested changes, our adoption coordinator will contact you to make final delivery.

The cost for adoption is $120 for single rabbits / $250 for bonded pairs. This price includes all wellness exams, RHDV2 vaccination, microchipping, any necessary medical treatment, and spay/neuter surgery.

About Alamo City House Rabbits

Alamo City House Rabbits is a 501(c)(3) education and rescue group established in October 2015. ACHR exists to support those in the San Antonio area who share their home and life with rabbits as indoor companions. Domestic rabbits are intelligent and social animals that for too long have been misunderstood and confined to backyard hutches. They are the third most abandoned companion animal in the United States.

Alamo City House Rabbits promotes education and outreach to increase awareness of rabbits as spayed or neutered indoor-only pets. We fully support the philosophy and principles of the House Rabbit Society, a national companion rabbit advocacy and rescue group established in 1988.

Members of Alamo City House Rabbits act as fosterers for rescued rabbits during the time they are spayed/neutered, learn to use a litter box, and adjust to their new lives as indoor companions.

Come Meet Alamo City House Rabbits's Pets

Due to the health concerns and restrictions of COVID 19 and a new and deadly rabbit disease, Rabbit Hemorrhagic Virus, Alamo City House Rabbits is not currently holding public adoption events. We are scheduling one-on-one meetings in a safe, open space with social distancing and secure masks. Potential adopters will be contacted by email to coordinate this meeting.

Alamo City House Rabbits's Adopted Pets

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