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Drew was an owner surrender dog from an owner who was elderly and could no longer care for him. He was successfully adopted and as you can see from the pictures he has found his forever home. His new family adores him and he fits right in as a member of the family. He frequently goes on outings with them including hiking, camping, and walks around downtown Anchorage. As you can see he still gets plenty of time to enjoy cuddling with his humans and will have many more years to enjoy his happy ending. 

ChampChamp was brought to Alaska Bully Rescue after ending up at the Kenai animal shelter. He hitched a ride to our facility and was a handful from the get go. His energy and enthusiasm for life was over the top. A family that knew the people he hitched a ride with came to meet him and they fell in love in an instant. Their active lifestyle was the perfect fit for Champ and he is now loving life and his new family. 

JackJack aka Muggz didn’t stay with the rescue long. This handsome and lovable boy was snatched up in an instant. But with a face like that how could anyone resist? Muggz (as he was renamed) moved to Kenai and his new owners keep falling in love with him more and more every day. This great dog knew it was meant to be when his new family arrived to meet him. They drove back to Kenai together taking frequent stops to enjoy the scenery along the way and Muggz is happier than ever in his new home. 

CuervoCuervo was our old man who came into the rescue. Although he is an elder dog he still happy go lucky and was overjoyed to meet his new family. His new owner came to meet him and knew she just had to have him. She went home and with a lot of determination and help got her yard finished and ready for Cuervo to come home. He came in, jumped in the chair, and made himself at home. This old guy knew he had found a place to spend the rest of his days. His new family enjoys his laid back demeanor and he loved have a yard and family to love him. 


Dom was probably one of our most challenging adoptions. He was with us for over 6 months before he found his forever home. This sweet boy was an owner surrender and had issues with dog aggression as well as fear issues. After searching and searching for his forever home he was finally placed with a loving family in Wasilla where he is now the center of their world. He is flourishing with his new family and goes EVERYWHERE with his new mom. He is happy and healthy and doing better than ever. Dom went from being a sad guy tired of being in rescue to a happy family dog. We truly could not have found him a better home. We have no doubt he will be forever loved in his home and will have many years of joy and happiness in the future.