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My Story

To know me is to love me and I am lovable…that’s what my foster mom says! Being around 8 years old, it isn’t easy for a cute pooch like me to find a forever home, but I keep hoping some nice person will take a liking to me and make me their pal. I’ve got a lot of good things going for me…I like other dogs, cats are cool, I’m house trained, I love pets and belly rubs, and I am small & easy to hang out with too. I love to greet my foster mom when she comes home from work with loving sniffs and wags and I love it when she gives me all kinds of sweet attention. I don’t bark much, and I’ve been around a while, so I don’t have all those annoying puppy habits. My foster mom has learned that I really don’t like kids very much and I enjoy my dinner a bit TOO much so it’s best to leave me be when I am eating. The nice folks at the rescue have taken a lot time with me, so I am up to date on all of my shots and I am neutered. They did have the doc fix my teeth so I have only a few left…but that’s okay…enough to eat with! And just like any other older beings, I have daily meds to take. If you want my opinion, I think we should meet and you will see that, yep, I am a lovable guy.

Adoption Process

We will email an adoption application and then would like to have a phone conversation with potential adopters, arrange for a meet up to introduce them to the pet they are interested in, and a home check. Adoption fees vary.