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My Story

To know me is to love me and I am oh so lovable…that’s what my foster mom says! I am 9-1/2 years young and my personality is a bit cat like as I enjoy my independence. I can be cuddly but I don’t consider myself a lap dog. I like a good romp in the yard and then some nice naps.

I get along with other small dogs, I don’t mind the residents cats I’m staying with, I’m house trained, and I love to greet my people with wags and kisses, getting some nice pets and belly rubs in return. I’m not a barky boy and as I’m older I don’t have all those annoying puppy habits. I am up to date on vaccinations, neutered, and had a dental so my remaining seven teeth are very healthy. Like most middle aged folks, I’m on daily medication (to regulate my thyroid and Cushings disease) that keeps me feeling great!

Adoption Process

We will email an adoption questionnaire and then would like to have a phone conversation with potential adopters, arrange for a meet up to introduce them to the pet they are interested in, and a home check. Adoption fees vary.