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My Story

Roxie is a very playful, extremely sweet, smart, goofy outdoor dog who loves to swim, go for boat and ATV rides. She is an outdoor dog but trained to not potty in her outdoor kennel so probably could easily be house trained as an inside dog. She loves to run, play and explore. Roxie is a very socialized dog who likes people, cats, children and dogs, but she is still a puppy and really enthusiastic so she still needs supervision. Roxie heels on leash and off. Knows sit, stay, drop it, leave it. But at 9 months those need to be practiced and reinforced. Her owner is going away to college and would like to visit her at times if allowed. If interested in a great pup call Meg Hoyle at 843-469-0052 who is available to keep Roxie, visit and continue to train if needed.

Adoption Process

We require a minimum adoption donation of $125 to $250 depending on the dog and the amount of money we have invested in vet care. Our application form asks adopters to certify that they have a fenced yard or that the pet will be kept indoors and that the pet will be maintained on heartworm and flea preventative and kept up to date on annual shots. The application also asks adopters to certify that they will ask Animal Lovers for assistance in rehoming the pet in the event they cannot keep it for some reason at any time in the future.