Wish you could take home every pet in every shelter, but just don’t have the space? There are lots of other ways you can help. Pet over population is a big problem, and while not everyone can adopt, you can make just as big as impact by finding other ways to help out homeless animals. Here are five ways you can help.

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5 Ways to Help Homeless Pets Without Adopting

  • Donate supplies to your local shelter or rescue group
  • Use your special skills- The shelter may need help with computers, book keeping, or building a better shelter. Get creative about the ways which you can help
  • The shelter can be an extremely stressful atmosphere for a dog or cat, go and keep a furry friend company for a day
  • It may sound simple, but the greatest gift you can give homeless pets and those who take care of them is simply to keep your own pets for life. Don’t give up on a pet, they inevitably will end up in a shelter.
  • Take responsibility for your own pet and have them spayed or neutered