As a foster volunteer, I’m always looking around for great names for my foster pets! To help get our creativity flowing and the adoptions going, the rescue I foster volunteer for will suggest pet names along a theme, until a new inspiration strikes.  We’ve recently passed through a fruit phase (Apricot, Mango, Apple, Raisin, Kiwi), film directors (George, Lucas, Alfred, David, Stanley, Robert, Martin, Clint), and  royalty (Kate, Elizabeth, William, Diana, Charles). New pet parents, just like new baby parents, may find inspiration within their family history… or on their countertop! There are tons of baby name lists and search tools on websites all over the internet which can be fantastic for pet names too. Still struggling to find the perfect name for your new companion? Our friends over at Petcentric have put together a great guide to the 20 most popular pet names which you can find here. Once you’ve picked that perfect name for your new puppy, kitten, dog, cat, or other pet, let us know! We’d love to hear about how helped you find your new pet, and if you include a photo and a story, we can share it here on our blog as a Happy Beginning to encourage others to adopt (not shop) and save a homeless pet too.

(“Evie” is the name of the beautiful calico model kitty who’s pictured above. She’s for adoption too!

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