This  article describes two options for adding your scrolling Pet List to WordPress and other websites. If you need additional help, please contact our help desk here — we will respond within 1 business day. Thank you!

Option 1. Use this WordPress Plugin created by a fantastic volunteer:

Option 2. Use an iFrame: If you have an iFrame plugin in your WordPress theme, or can use an iFrame on your website, you can use this option. (Many free themes on WordPress.ORG do not allow iFrames.)

  1. First, find your shelter account unique ID number.
    It’s easily visible on your Pet List Links page:
    Look for the number in the links. For example, in <– 1234 is the ID number.
  2. Go to the WordPress page where you want to add your Pet List.
    Click the little “world” icon that is for inserting an iFrame.
    (We put a green arrow pointing to it in the screenshot below.)


3.  A little box will pop up, like this:

4. In the box below, highlight the the entire URL, copy, then then paste into your WordPress little box’s URL field.

In the code you copied in the box, very carefully type over to replace the sample number 1234 with your unique ID number. This can be tricky! You may need to click somewhere else in the URL then use your arrow keys to move the cursor to the shelter_id number. Be careful… don’t type over anything other than the numbers, like the equals sign = before or the & after the number in the code.

5. Make sure “Enable scrollbars” is checked.

6. Set the width and height to fit your page.

7. Click OK and publish or save your page.

Tip: We’ve heard in WordPress it doesn’t always display in “preview” so you may want to publish it on a test page first.

You’re all done!