How much do you love your dog? If you treat your pet like family, you’re probably willing to go the extra mile. This includes adding more toys, dog beds and amenities just for your furry friend. If you really love your dog, you might consider renovating parts of your home to suit the needs of your pet. Check out these easy renovations that your pup is sure to love:


#1 Custom Cabinets

Keeping dog food out of reach can be difficult at times. If you put it in the garage, ants could get into it. If you keep it in the laundry room, your dog could gain access to it. Instead, think about a custom cabinet in your kitchen for the food. You can either insert the bag fully or get a plastic container to hold it.


#2 Drawers for Doggy Dishes

If you want to have a special space for food and water, you can install pull-out drawers just for your dog. Consider installing them in your kitchen or mudroom. That way it’s easier to keep the mess in one spot rather than all over your floor.


#3 Under-Stair Safe Space

If you aren’t using your under-stair closet, consider transforming the space into a safe haven for your dog. A closed-off space to keep your dog’s bed, dishes and toys will keep messes in one area and give your pet a private area of his own.


#4 Extra Amenities

If you really want to spoil your dog, consider options like heated flooring, a dog-bed nook or a separate shower area. The best part about these amenities is that they don’t just benefit your dog. Heated flooring in the living room will help keep you and your family — including your dog — toasty during cold weather. A shower/bath space will help you keep fur out of your shower and bathtub and a dog bed nook will keep toys and other pup-related messes in one area.


#5 Doggy bedroom

If you are a serious dog parent, you might consider dedicating a room to your dog. Laundry rooms or mudrooms are good candidates for a dog room. Add a crate, dog bed, toys and food and water dishes to the room to keep your dog happy. It’s important that the space you dedicate to your dog is easy to clean. Always avoid converting a carpeted room into a space for your dog.



Loving your dog sometimes means going the extra mile for their comfort. While you may not want to redo your entire house to suit your dog, even small gestures like a new dog bed will go a long way.


Written contribution by Andrea Davis, Home Advisor.