Summer is the perfect time for fetch, runs, hikes and lots of other fun activities with your dog. But it’s important to remember to keep your pet safe during warmer weather. Here are five tips to keep your pup safe and happy this summer:

1. Provide a cool place to rest.

Give your dog a place to escape the heat. Some dogs love relaxing on tile floors to cool their bodies. You might consider converting your bathroom or part of your basement into a pet relaxation area. Put your dog’s favorite toys in the designated room for some familiarity. Sun-blocking curtains also cool your pets.


2. Create a doorway.

Outdoor temperatures can rise quickly. Never leave your dog outside alone for long periods of time, especially in the summer. Consideradding a doggy door to give your pup freedom to go in and out to the yard while keeping your cool air conditioning inside.


3. Avoid hot cars.

Even with the windows cracked, cars can heat up quickly. Leave your pet at home or take your dog with you inside the store to avoid harming your furry friend. If you see a dog in a car this summer, check out these tips from theHumane Society.


4. Keep your pet hydrated.

Always have water available for your dog. When you go out, carry an extra bottle of water and a container. Keep your pup’s water bowl in the shade so the water stays cool. You can also mix in ice to keep the water cold.


5. Avoid sunburns.

Avoid subjecting your dog to long periods of direct sunlight. Noses, ear tips and skin around the lips are sensitive to sun. You can use specially formulated sunscreens or just keep your dog inside during hot weather to avoid sunburns.



Summer should be fun and safe for everyone. When you’re getting ready for a trip outdoors, or just a comfortable day at home, keep your dog’s needs in mind. That way you can avoid an emergency trip to the vet or a potential injury.


Written contribution by Andrea Davis, Home Advisor.