There are so many wonderful ways you can help homeless pets, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide what you can do to help! Not to worry, the founders of Rock & Rawhide have put together a list of five (simple!) ways you can help out furry friends in need! You can put their ways to work both this holiday season and the rest of the year too. Rock & Rawide is an organization that aims to reduce stress and increase adoptions for dogs and cats in shelters by providing toys and other items that serve as a form of occupational therapy. Founders Sean-Patrick Hillman and Kylie Edmond  rescued their own pup on the very day she was supposed to be euthanized, and hope to help others to get out there and make a difference for homeless pets too.

5 Ways to Help Homeless Pets

1.       Donate Goods: No use keeping those old blankets and towels locked up in the closet. Put them to use by donating them to your local animal shelter to keep animals warm during the harsh winter weather. Pet food and toys help, too!

2.       Volunteer your Time: Spend some quality time with cats and dogs who don’t typically get a lot of affection. Make their holiday season special by volunteering to take dogs for a walk, play fetch with them and scratch their bellies at your local facility.

3.       Organize a Drive: Anyone can do it! Print some flyers and pass them out to local homes and businesses to see if your community members are interested in participating in a toy or blanket drive. You may be surprised at how many big hearts are out there, ready and willing to donate to a worthy cause.

4.       Adopt or Foster: If you have the resources, adopting a pet into your loving family will save a life and bring your family loads of joy and laughter. While the best case scenario is to give an animal a home forever, providing temporary care for those who only need a home for a few weeks or months can prepare an animal for adoption into a permanent home and help prevent overcrowding in shelters.

5.       Report Abuse: If you see something that even remotely resembles abuse, don’t turn a blind eye to it. Report the behavior to your local shelter so the appropriate group can investigate the matter. Always better safe than sorry.

Happy holidays to you and and your family!